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Colony Wars v0.5.0 Beta Released

Today I am releasing an update to the Colony Wars Beta, v0.5.0, to Web, the Ape Launcher, and Android devices. I have made so many changes since the last Beta that I wanted to get this one out there to gather some error reporting and telemetry data so I can move on towards a full release of this game.

Here are the primary changes, although there are tons of small ones as well:
  • Multiplayer code has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • Multiplayer games (with multiple humans) now support team play
  • Many keyboard shortcuts added (There is a thread here with more info)
  • Game now requires both Power and Silos
  • Total rewrite of Harvester Pathfinding
  • Total rewrite of the AI
  • Added SAM Battery defense
  • Added Bank (not in any of the pre-packaged maps yet), test of a civilian building that can be garrisoned.
The next Beta I plan on finishing all of the units and buildings for the United Earth team and including an additional multiplayer map. Planned units are a medic, grenade infantry, APC transport, artillery, missile destroyer, Sarge (as a commando unit). There will also be a superweapon structure, and a way to call in airstrikes. The next beta will also finally come to both iOS and Windows.

After that, I will be moving on to LIS units and then campaign mode.

Zolarg may come later, but it will be in a post-1.0.0 release.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Nice to have units able to garrison into buildings... Yet how to evacuate them is another problem lol
I mean not yet any ways to evacuate a building.

BTW, unit idea:
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I suggest adding bombs and traps to the game.
That way, if an enemy tank convoy is heading to your base, they can be blown into bits by a land mine and your base will be saved.
Also, I think that maybe you should increase unit production speed with more unit producers. For example, if you have two barracks, all soldiers will train twice as fast or something like that.
Underdeveloped ideas:
Cloning pods: Extreme troop production speed
Radar tower: Extend your visibility by a lot. Also acts as air defense.
Fighter jets that can bomb other bases (target option when selected)
Plasma tank: The father of all tanks. Does extreme overkill with area damage, but moves very, very slowly. Cannot shoot down air units.
"Pyro" unit
Short range teleporter pairs for sending troops back and forth between places
Increased building range
Trucks and other terrestrial troop carriers
The ability to select all units of one type (like My Colony) with long click
Rocket infantry splash damage
A custom in-game flag for players that can be deployed on the battlefield
And the Death Star.

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