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i having Same charter code with some guy

that's a problem start at June, I just want to check my colony DEEP PAM KINGDOM stat
but when I touch the brown home icon IT will let me to teleport to other the colony website
idk how to do
I think I need to give up DEEP PAM KINGDOM
but that colony just with 500k people and 10b gdp
I can't lose it
what can I do?
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What's the charter code?
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@bastecklein OspEEtak
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2007wouldpost said:@bastecklein OspEEtak

I changed your charter on the server to: OspEEtAr

TBH I don't know how this will impact your game, as I have not seen this type of thing happen before...
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@bastecklein thx :D
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I also have the same charter code as someone else, looks like it was founded yesterday. p4Qdcsrd is my charter. Could you take a look?
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Fixed. Strange that this keeps happening now.
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