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Modular Building Concept

Continuing the concept of closed base on limited space:

Modular Building Concept

Instead to have a nearly infinite building list, in a limited space will be very nice to have the possibility to have modular building.

imagine having to unlock one or more technologies, and the ability to design a building that best suits the style of play.

instead of having the same type of building for different levels (steel, microchip, ecc...), just different tech.

The player will have available only few building slot list (10-20, a limited numbers), and each building will have few parameters settable by the player, like some old table game! you have "n" points available, and you can use for make only one resources, or 2-3 similar resources, or less resources but with houses slots inside, ecc ecc.

Maybe for noob player, will be nice to have a "suggestion" building setup.
This might be able to simplify the building variety in MC2, I really like this one. (^ω^)
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And avoid interactions problem with base building (from bast) and customized buildings (from player), since every building will be custom.
I think it is like, the main module defines the function, sub modules will operate under the function given by the main module.

For example, if you want a steel refinery, first you need a steel refinery module, the main module. However the main module might not do anything, they need the side module - workshop modules, to function.
Workshop modules connected to the steel refinery will begin producing steel from ores.

Similarly for other factories, first build the main module, and then workshop modules.

To enhance production rate of the factories, you can either extend the factory with workshops or upgrade them.
Note that each main module only supports limited number of sub modules, you might need extra resources to build a new main module if you want to add more workshop modules. Otherwise, if upgrades available, this can be another choice.

For faction variants of factories, we can simply just have the workshop module different, without actually implementing lots of exclusive buildings. (Depending on the needs, different main module may be needed instead of sub modules.)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Really like the idea! One place where I see it to be necessary is: storages

Like as I had said in VC, drop off points for RSS, especially raw RSS which are mined and need to be processed, we can have a modular storage, which can be easily expanded by actually adding the same building once again increasing capacity.

Further there could be connections modules. Like conveyor start/end module. Start can be placed at the ore storage site and end can be joined to the processing main building and in between can be connected by conveyor network pieces.

Another modular idea is of modular train stations or stuff? Which can be attached to these factories directly or something like that
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The modular structure can be applied in every building, i mean.. storage, road, train, network.
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