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Rotation to some buildings not possible

So, over time i’ve noticed some buildings don’t have the option to be rotated, and at times this can be problematic when your low on space and you need to make things fit.
Buildings that don’t have ability to rotate:
Food Processing Sweatshop
Galactic Board of Trade
Pottery Works
Hipster Bar
Plastic Factory
Toy Sweatshop
Space Port
Large Resort
Galactic Freight
Statue of Unbridledly Excess
Export Cannon
Space Elevator
House of Horror
Lumber Yard
High Command
Advanced Plastic Factory
Higher Command
Big Playhouse
Small Trash Pit
Hall of Congress
Real News Station
Hipster Lofts

Looking at some of the buildings I do understand that some would/might be difficult to make a side view, and that’s understandable if you can’t. However it would be nice to be able to rotate these buildings!

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Generally rotated buildings are just flipped/mirrored. I have disabled rotate on most buildings that have words or symbols on them, since the words would be backwards when rotated.
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ohhhhh that makes sense

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