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My Colony v1.13.0 Released

Today My Colony has been updated to v1.13.0 and the update should be hitting all platforms in the coming days. This is a minor update, but there are a couple of changes you may need to know of.

First, the Russian language translations have been improved and expanded.

Secondly, for desktop native client and Steam users, the ability to play the in-game MIDI background music track is now disabled by default. To enable it, you will have to download an optional soundfont file to your device (this is done automatically by the app). I made this change because it greatly reduces the overall size of the game, and you can read more about it in this thread.

That's all for this update! The bulk of the development right now is going on in My Colony 2, and if you want to try the latest development builds, grab the Ape Apps Launcher or the Progressive Web App and give it a go! Then leave feedback in the My Colony 2 Forums.

Thanks for playing the game, stay tuned for more!
My Colony

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