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Separating MIDI Support From Packaged Desktop Apps

Beginning with the release of Ape Apps Launcher v1.6.7 and all new Ape Apps native desktop and Steam applications released after March 16, 2021, playing of MIDI based music in games (such as My Colony and Antiquitas) will now require an additional one-time download of roughly 70mb in size. If you need the download, you will be prompted with a notice like this:

The reason for this change is that including MIDI soundfonts with the package adds the additional 70mb download size to the games and Launcher, and user analytics shows that a high percentage of users end up disabling the music anyway. This change will reduce the file size of all desktop applications downloaded through either the Ape Market or through Steam, while still allowing users who want the in-game music to easily obtain the additional download.

It also saves hard drive space for the user in that the music soundfonts are stored in a shared location, meaning that if you have My Colony, Antiquitas, and My Empire all installed on your system, they will all use the same shared soundfont resource, as will any game installed through the Ape Apps Launcher. This means that the additional files will only need to be downloaded once, and will then be shared across all games that use them.

If you download the additional sound files and later want to delete them from your system, they will be found in your Documents/Ape Apps folder and can simply be deleted with no harm to the game or your data.
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