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GBT Shortcut

#1 2017-09-05 21:23:04
I was going back and forth between my colony's Capitol area and my GBT, which are really far apart, and came up with a GBT shortcut. This would be for people (like me) who need to go back and forth between the GBT and something far away in their colony.

It would be on the bar with Settings, Technologies, etc.

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#2 2017-09-05 22:07:06
Why don't you build another GBT closer to your capitol?
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
#3 2017-09-05 23:04:25
Well, this would be for the people like me who have problems doing that, such as:
1. No space available
2. Not enough resources
3. Want to keep order and have just one GBT

Go Pittsburgh Penguins!!
#4 2017-09-06 00:47:55
I can solve all of them. 1. Sell some of the buildings to get space and place the buildings you sold somewhere else. 2. You'll get enough over time. 3. Sell the old one.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
#5 2017-09-06 02:14:33
I have had this issue and did end up building a second GBT. I also accidentally shifted the center location entirely when I expanded the map. It threw off my whole Feng shui. All of these could have been resolved if we could reset the home map location or assign a second spatial shortcut. It's a suggestion.
Edited by hushush on 2017-09-06 02:15:11
#6 2017-09-06 04:33:08
the easiest way is to set the first rover that appears when you click on "find idle" to park next to the GBT, the second one next to the Capitol....
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#7 2017-09-06 09:47:33
@hushhush In v0.43.0 you will be able to set a new center. I set the new center on mine to be the capital.
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