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Voxel Paint v1.10.0 Released

Voxel Paint has just been updated to v1.10.0, and the update should be hitting all platforms in the coming days. This update fixes a handful of reported bugs, including an annoying one where embedded .vpp files would not render properly in the forum.

It also adds a new orientation cube to the corner of the screen, to help let you know which direction your model is facing (the bright blue color will always be considered front/forward by Scroll3d engine games). You can also click on any of the orientation cube faces to reorient the camera in the desired position.

The update is live now on Ape Web Apps, the Ape Apps Launcher, and on Windows 10, and should be hitting Android and iOS in the coming days. Enjoy!

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
For MC2, I know I mentioned it before, but are you going to add the progress bar on buildings? Also, another thing, for modding of buildings, can you have the option for customizing the amount of resources you get from selling the building? Like maybe you want to sell the building for 100% the amount you bought it for. I think it will be interesting for some modded bundles.

I actually planned on having the resource bars there in 0.19.0 but I ended up changing so many other things that I didn't get to it :-/
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
sideways ships go brr
Boat enjoyer

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