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Possibly Repurposing MC2 Engine for a My Land 2 + Possible Enhancements

I am considering changes/enhancements to the My Colony 2 engine to be able to handle/support builder type games that are slightly more simplistic. I am thinking of making a sequel to My Land using the Scroll3D rendering engine, but I was thinking that maybe instead of rewriting the entire game logic engine from scratch, I could make a few changes/additions to the modding tools of My Colony 2 to allow for easily creating My Land style builder games as well.

These improvements could unlock the ability for modders to create even more types of games in the future using the MC2 engine.

Changes I am thinking of implementing to the engine in order to facilitate a My Land 2 game. This is more of a checklist for me so that I remember what I need to implement, but this thread can also be used for ideas/suggestions of things that can be added to the engine to either improve MC2 itself, or to help mod creators:

A toggle/option in the game Meta object to allow for instant building, ie just click on an option from the build menu and then place it, no rovers/builders required. This same feature could be utilized for creating RTS type games with the engine, such as a Colony Wars 2 someday.

Spreadable map resources. This is already there in MC1, where resources such as trees and crystalline will spread over time. My Land needs this for grass and other terrain items spreading, and it could probably be used in MC2 as well.

This has already been a requested addition for MC2 anyway, but basic Terrain Modification, such as changing the elevation at specific areas, might be desired. For instance, in My Land you can build irrigation ditches to water your crops. So this ability would be necessary in the engine.

Of course, for a farming game, the engine needs to support Wildlife. My Land has chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. The MC2 engine will need to support basic animals running around. It could be cool for the game in general, some worlds could have native animals that could be utilized for certain things.

For a My Land game, the engine will also need "morphing" terrain objects. For example, a tree sapling object, that "grows" or morphs into a young tree after a certain amount of in-game time, which in turn can morph into a full grown tree.

A Click/Tap to Harvest option will need to be available to terrain objects to allow resources to be collected without a rover.

The engine will also need collectable objects, such as the eggs that a chicken can lay. Animals should be able to spawn objects on occasion. An Apple tree can spawn apples, etc. A collectable object system could be expanded well beyond the needs of a My Land type game. You could even envision it leading to an RPG type game using the player perspective mode of the game. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Connecting structures will be needed. By this, I am talking of a fence like structure, where there are multiple .vpp (voxel) models assigned to be able to make a connection. There shouldn't be too many different models required, since a 3d object can be rotated as needed. Basically, a straight fence, a 90 degree corner, a three way, and a four way connection I think should cover all scenarios, unless I am missing something.

So these are the additions to the engine that I can think of off of the top of my head which will be needed in order to create a My Land sequel using the My Colony 2 engine. I think adding this stuff will also improve the base MC2 game, as well as unlocking completely new styles of mods that can be made using the engine!
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