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my colonly one with full mulitcore supprt (waring long and with alots of msspleing)

my colonly one with full mulitcore supprt.

so anyway so the devs are about to update the 2d reding engie. huh okay.
so anyway i was arging with dev aobut eh game issue with ony sueing two cpu corse of multi core cpus prossers.
so any this newe update shuold also add full multcpu core spport so the game can use as many cores on any multcore cpus being eather x86x or apple new arm chips. so bacsly how it works thatgame shold try to dectect on the hardware tis ruing wither if tis a moble devcsie or a laptop of desk top shuls try to conut of how many cores that it descting in guprs of two snece all the x86 and even apple amr chips allready have ther multbe coere always in sets of two

so for exambe i got a i5 inteal prssec that has four cores when the game decteds it inetad of it ptuin hlafh on two cores it jsut splits it to all four cores as evely has pasble! but the real progameing trick here is that all multicore x86 and amr cpus are alleays in sets of two.

so fore very two more cores bascly spltis the work laod by half to each two corse for every towo core decteded from the ahrdwar the game is ruing on. bascly a good exapble is like can veryeasly scal up even to 32+ or more bacly. how it works is bacly evry two core the game dected it destubles half of the work laod evry two cores ln a lernal fashon. also due to the fact bescue all mutli core prossers for both x86 and apple arm chips allrady of they mutlicorse in sets of two ecatly like how thers allewsy sets of two in compteur integer bit maeroy cpu heapsizes. so bascly for every tow more cpus core on a x86 or arm chip isd dected just spkit the work laod by hlaf for every two cores dected on the hardware untill all the cores on the sistem that have ben able to get ther share of the games cpu worklaod so

bascly everytwo cpucores slipt worklaod untill al sets of cpu cores have ther work laod spead to all cores evenly.

also that game allways has two core sppoert just make it precsgly csall up for ervey two more core decetd in a gertated worklaod caltino formla.
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