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Zolarg Synthetic Crystal missing

My tundra bugs can no longer build synthetic Crystal. Is this a new 'feature'?

playing 0.47 on Android, Galaxy S8
That is weird they are no longer on my building list as well
Wonder if adding atmosphere effected it some how
Thing is when I started this bug ice world colony this morning I bought the tek and they were on the build bar now they are not .
i have two ice world bug colony's the older one had them I planted them all over the map just went on that colony and the crystals are no longer on the build bar .
BTW that map the tundra bugs are still growing green crystals I planted 1000sss
so you can no longer plant crystals
THE BUILD for TUNDERA BUGS NO LONGER BRINGS UP any building options at all .
BUT the tundra bugs still help build any thing that uses crystals .
I have some which was planted before the update. This should spread. for now.
recheck this post
Oops, its a bug. Will be fixed in 0.48
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oops, guess i know why this comes up...right Bast...
thing is you should have renamed the terrain feature object to "Synthetic Crystalline" and not the building object to "Synthetic Crystalline Deposit". It would keep the naming method as for the mines for example. Plus the Synthetic Crystalline isn't a deposit, there is already the "Crystalline Deposit" which is distributed on the ice world map...
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When is 0.48 coming? Unless I'm wrong, this makes it unplayable once the map resources run out.
Ok...I'm a little confuse...has the bug been reported and acknowledg9? If so is it going to be addressed soon? Apparently some are still producing because it's still traded and I've spent all my cash buying it because I can't produce anymore. My Commonwealth is keeping my Ice world going so I'd appreciate this bug being fixed sooner rather then later.
The bug is acknowledged (see above) and will be fixed soon.
Thanks, I did read that's why I got a little confused. It's easy for me lol.
Just wanted to make sure. It's a little irritating to spend all your money buying a resource you're supposed to be able to produce. This colony isn't big enough to support itself yet.
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