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[NEWSFEED] Spamlandian Televison

Spamlandian Television, or STV for short, is a custom MC2 news server I set up a while back. Content-wise, it's pretty similar to the default news ticker, but there are more headlines!!! It took me some time to work out all the technical details, but it's pretty much ready for release now. It'll be updated and expanded as MC2 news features evolve and I come up with new headlines. You can link STV to a world through, which you can also visit for instructions and troubleshooting info. Happy newsing!
Check out Spamlandian Broadcasting Service (formerly STV) at this site!
I use this for worlds that I own lol. Keep up the good work spamdude!
The Spice must flow.
Thanks! Even with just a few updated request specs, there's a lot of potential for new features.
Check out Spamlandian Broadcasting Service (formerly STV) at this site!
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