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Uplink Upgrade

welcome! so today I have just finished some add ons for this model that I'm extremely happy with and proud that it has came out this well .We have a uplink station that unfortunately doesn't give enough to keep up with the newer buildings and future buildings at this amazing rate so lets get to the chase😄

This new alien style is a add on/changes to the original model with a repaint darkening the colours but then this is where the new alien part comes in that will be my new standards moving forwards. Alien stems wrapping and morphing with the model itself uncontrollably as you can see the alien stem is trying to make copies of parts of the model and thats what makes feel alien to me. if anyone wants to make alien models in this style I would happily help people adapt to it on discord!!

I would love this model to cost 20x with alien arts(maybe 10k) but i want this model to last and not need to be upgraded for 10updates at least .so please if this gets added make this a grind with a lot of bandwidth(I was thinking 12k-15k ) so its not worth more than rows of normal uplinks but instead gives you the choice to squeeze it down for extra cost

thank you for reading - Sparky
Looks kinda weird to me, but I like it!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I love it Sparky!
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