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A bunch of Lava World models

Hello! You have seen a lot from me recently, but alas I have yet another world type. Lava World! I have made the planet model, and a few essential models for it!

Naturally there will be Cobalt and Obsidian, but did you know that Lava itself has uses!

Here are some pumps for it!



"Where am I gonna store all of this Lava?"
Glad you asked, its in the Lava Tank!

"...what am I supposed to do with this Lava?"
Good question, maybe Lava Moat, but for now turn it into Ore at this LavaCooler!

That's my content dump for this week @bastecklein . I will try to have content dumps like this every week!
The Spice must flow.
I love it Dino!
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