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Stuck at "Loading Assets..."

I've been having issues since the 1.30 update with getting stuck on the Loading Assets screen.
Sometimes it will start if I haven't logged in (I have premium My Colony).
It happens on all the versions I can use, Ape Launcher, the web app, Windows Store, and the standalone.
The standalone is the only one that let me play after I logged in, it stopped working when I exited and reopened though.
I've tried the uninstall reinstall thing.
It's an ad blocker issue most likely
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This happens, even on offline games, when you have no Internet connection.
I am also having this problem. On iOS. Deleted and redownloaded. Created a new ape account. Tried on my iPad. Same issue. I can start and save a game. When I close out and reopen it is stuck on loading assets. Very annoying. Premium account.
its happening again from last night . if your signed out the game will load BUT you sign in the game wont load . if you sign in staying on screen start new city save function wont work . its all my colony games and aqu game so its server issues .

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