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Advanced Specialized Drilling Platform (Discussion with Visual)

While the ADP has had a wonderful run as a general resource producer, I believe that this 3x3 Drilling Platform would be better utilized if it was specialized for each resource. While I used Gold for this prop, I believe this would have a lot more potential in utilizing world type resources, such as making an Advanced Diamond Drilling Platform. This concept will also be coming up for specializing the Ultra Deep Drilling Facility as well, and I believe that will allow the structure type to have more use.
cmon the ADP model isn't meant to be cloned for every common resource
for instance, ore fracking doesn't look the same as regolith extraction since they're different resources
Boat enjoyer
Although that was a prop, I intend to make adjustments for each specialized resource that is drilled. This will take a while, but the end result appears worth the changes.
For example, I need to make a liquids version for stuff like Ether and Oil
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