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Betelgeuse Financial Services Ltd. hires! (Highest GDP in the Game + 10,000% Payroll assist.)

Betelgeuse Financial Services Ltd. is the commonwealth, that manages the financial assets of the colony of Betelgeuse. With a GDP of over $9,000,000,000,000,000,000 the commonwealth has the highest displayable GDP in the game. Every Colony joining gets a 100 million dollar welcome bonus upon request and any ressources they might need.

Cooperation with any other factions, federations and commonwealthes is always welcome! Just send me your Embassies and I send mine back!

If any colony is in financial trouble or needs emergency assistance, feel free to contact me (It is also planned to found a third commonwealth for quick response aid in case of starvation, riots or drought - but for now just contact this commonwealth).

Colony Website:
Charter Code: Ru093inr
Your in 4th place dude
BTW what is funny is Betelgeuse WAS the biggest known star a few years back Now as yoru standing on the my colony chart is number 4 SO is Betelgeuse .
there have been found 3 bigger stars .
1 the biggest by size VY Canis Majoris --- 2 VV Cephei ---3 Mu Cephei 4 Betelguese
@colbya I indeed dont have the highest population but my GDP is the highest in the game. All of united earth together has about 11 pentillion and Betelgeuse Financial Services Ltd. has 9 Pentillion in the bank. Betelgeuse, my main colony has over 30 Pentillion, but the game doesnt refresh the colony website for amounts over 10 pentillion.

So: 4th largest by population but 1st and 2nd by GDP. (There might be somebody with more whose GDP also doesnt refresh anymore, but I haven't heard of that by now)

But still thanks for the Science fact :) Send me your embassy and lets work together!
Sent you an embassy request @Betelgeuse.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
@malakhglitch built it and sent mine back :)
OOO i got that part Highest possible to display
Accutlly I just like your colony name and you seam cool as well
was just having fun with the name .
Now you must ahve picked it because you knew of the star .
@colbya - I named the colony Betelgeuse, because thats the star of Ford Prefect's and Zaphod Beeblebrox' homeplanet in the hitchikers guide to the galaxy :D
Great books. I'll have to listen to the radio plays some time.
Hello, looking to get annexed and have someone to talk to
he joined the rebellion. check out the discord server in my signature.
Its me Lego.
My Colony

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