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Infrastructure damage help

Is this inevitable? Does it reduce productivity? Can the rate of damage be limited? Thanks.
Win10, native client
It's inevitable. As far as I know that's not yet implemented. No, you cannot limit the damage, but you can repair all of the damage in one click once you have access to the Policy menu in the capitol building.
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I don't recall this in my first colony, but I'm seeing it regularly now. Is there anything I can do to head off the need to repair infrastructure?
Good question, are there bots or something that do repairs automatically so we don't have to pay for it?
you can use infrastructure repair. that's a option in a at least level 2 consulate
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I wish we did have something that repairs stuff automatically, but AFAIK we don't have that option (yet). I was surprised with an over 2 million repair bill once.
Commonwealth of Groddle
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Same here, with the repair costs is my money fund in decline..
Under FAQ last point, it says that you can repair all building with one click on “infrastructure repair” in the capitol.
My capitol Level is 6 but I don’t see that option to repair my buildings.
Here my screenshots of my Capitol options

Where can I find that option?
btw I am using the Windows PC Version.

Where can I find the button to repair every building?
Ok I have got it now. I had to change to online mode in order to get the button.
Perhaps you should correct the FAQ and add „just in online mode“ to the answer or perhaps give the offline player also this feature ;-)
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