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My Colony v0.49.0 Released

Just pushed the v0.49.0 update for My Colony, which should be arriving shortly to all platforms. On the content front this is a minor update, but there are some important under the hood changes. This will also be the last update before Antiquitas is released, which I now plan on spending the next couple of weeks getting finalized.

This biggest change in this release is vastly expanded gamepad support, particularly on Android. I have also submitted this build to both the Android TV and Amazon Fire TV app stores, although I do not yet know if they will gain approval. If they are ultimately approved, an Xbox One submission will be happening before the end of the year.

The other noticeable change is a new item in Engine Settings which (on some devices) can greatly improve rendering performance, at the expense of having several graphical glitches. Play with it and see what works best for you.

You may also notice that the resource text has been made slightly larger and should be a bit easier to see. Also, if a building on your sidebar is "red"ed out because you cannot afford it and you then gain the required resources, you can now mouse-over the building to refresh it's affordability status without waiting for the engine to redraw the whole sidebar.

Most of the other changes are not really noticeable on the surface. I rewrote the particle effects library from scratch, but you can't really tell from an end user perspective.

As I said, the next couple of weeks here will be devoted to getting Antiquitas finished for release. After that, I have several new UI upgrades planned for My Colony that I wanted to hold off on, as to not introduce any new big glitches. I also plan on doing several large Zolarg updates before Christmas. And remember in early January, the Reptilians will be making their way to My Colony, and they are going to be a whole new ballgame!

One final note, My Colony has now surpassed 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play, so that you everybody for your support!!!!

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope the update runs smooth, let me know if it doesn't, and please download (and 5 star 🙂 ) Antiquitas when it comes out to help give it a boost on the 'new release' ratings!
do you mean that you have soon finished developing antiquitas?
I think it's just in a status to be developed enough for app store
Its me Lego.
Depending on how popular Antiquitas becomes after the official release it might be developed more like MC or it stays as it is.
Antiquitas will stay current with the latest engine improvements and will get occasional content updates. I am still adding content to games I released many years ago.

The frequency of updates depends on the games popularity. It wouldn’t be worth trying to update it several times per month if there were only a handful of players. If it was as big as My Colony, the updates would likewise follow. If it was bigger than My Colony I could afford to hire an employee and really go at it. So it all depends on the market.
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a mobile app is nice. I can play this game from my phone now!
Its me Lego.
yes I tell you his because I currently have this colony see image and I find that the game begins to lager especially the buildings that produce slowly and the camera that shakes when I move
You may need to turn off the new feature. That's what I did and it help drastically improve GPS at the expense of possible visual glitches
Would have liked some premuim bot content
Well, it's not really the rendering or the vehicles but a simple restart of the game makes sure that it does not row any more but sometimes it lag for reasons I do not know
My Colony

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