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In-Game Federations - Page 3

misteddawn said:My thoughts on Nunez's well thought out ideas from FFF:
- intial description of a federation: I like that it is defined as only CW's join, keeps things simpler with management as too many single colonies could clog things up. Having a CW(s) for new players joining would help with keeping things clean.
- The benefits listed would work, especially as it is an expanded idea of a CW and what you can do there.
- the solutions: I like the idea of 3 as soon it will be required anyway to have a login with apeapps so expanding its use, especially for federations could be used. I think most functions should only be in-game but things like voting should be done thru the website. Requests to join could be both in-game and thru the website but only if Bast is able to make them fully sync so there isn't unnecessary duplication or glitches due to differing decisions by more than one officer. Another thing the website could be used for is conversations between members and/or the ones in charge.

I would suggest having two buildings for federations for government functions. A building that is for the ruling CW(s) and a building for member CW's much like we have a building for independent colonies and one for dependent ones.

Embassies could be used for both CW's and federations as the function would essentially be the same just at different levels so little coding may need to be done to allow them to work in either case.

I think voting should be in game it could be done via the special building suggested by nunez.
As there is already a section of the forums dedicated to independent Commonwealths, adding a section for Federations would not be much different. And there would be less traffic there than the CW section as there would logically be less Feds than CW's.

I also like the idea of creating a Fed thru an option given by the Congress Hall. Just like you have to reach a certain goal of civics to obtain independence and start your own CW, obtaining the Congress Hall is a good goal to reach before creating a Fed. Once built, there can be a "Create Federation" option within the Hall that costs X amount of civics. Once created, you can advertise your Fed in the forums as stated above, as well as in game. For example, a CW leader can select an option from the Capitol building that says "View Federations" which will populate a list of all Federations created.
I think Nunez was meaning is a management site that is only available to Federation management.
In option 2 there would be a site for federation management and federation (possible) members to admit requests.
In option 3 the site would only be for federation management and federation members wouldn't have to do anything with it.
I have a question, are you allowed to use Discord ingame? like invite links to server?
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How is this related to the topic?
I asked basteklein
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There are some discord API's but they are for C++ and unity engine games I believe.

I will tell you that once I implement accounts for My Colony, the My Colony website is going to be getting a total rewrite and users will be able to do some colony management things from the website, such as checking their in-game mail looking at their contracts from the GBT. You will also be able to access the mail from all of your colonies in a single place in the game.

So there can be a section on the new website for federation management, but anything will also have to be accessed from within the game as well.

In-game chat is coming to My Colony also, and I can make it so each commonwealth can have it's own chat room, as well as a general lobby for the game. Federations can have their own too. The chat will be usable from outside of the game as well, as its going to be based on the chat that I use on this very forum.

Anyway, all of this requires the addition of finishing up the accounts mechanism, but I have been busy with Antiquitas and My Colony updates so I haven't gotten to that yet. I am also going to make a good faith attempt to finish Death 3d before christmas. But after that, I am ditching Facebook totally and linking Ape Apps accounts into the game, which will open up a lot of new possibilities.
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one thing that should definitely be added: limit of members. Every game has that. there had to be the possibility to choose which one you want to join. If there is no limit, everyone will join the Federation that is the biggest at this point.
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In theory yes. But there are many ways to get around that. The problem isn't ppl always joining the biggest or most famous. It's about having federations that are unique. If they all are the same then ofcourse people will join the biggest most famous. So Federations need to be more different from each other, that way ppl will spread out more instead of Grouping together in the same boat federation
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