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New Update - Positives!

Alright, so yes, I'll agree, it is annoying that this happened so suddenly, but put yourself in the place of the creator. A few people that you might not directly know who are abusing the game and you need a quick solution. It's hard to run a game like this with so many people playing. Especially when it's not some huge corporation running it. Yes, there may have been better solutions, but people aren't perfect, and I'm sure most people wouldn't have done a better job. This is a fun game, and when a problem comes up, just work your colony around it. It could be harder, but the whole point of playing games is for challenges. It's good the creator is putting work into security measures.

Also, online play isn't needed to make it through. I've made it through plenty of offline games without running out of aluminum, uranium or anything else. It just takes a little extra patience. This game is still "in active development" so if you don't like the way it's going, play the older versions in offline mode.

If that's not good enough for you, I have resources to go around, and I'd bet plenty of Federations are helping people out too. If you want some help, just ask, Discord:
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I feel the same way, I lost a lot of money and resources in the update but I'm not complaining about it. Even though it was a negative impact for me personally, I knew changes had to be done to fix the economy of the game. I 100% agree that the overall game will be better. I'm sure other unknown issues will arise, and other changes will be made. That's part of being in a game under active development, it's constantly being fine tuned. I understand people are upset about it, a few people in our federation quit already, but we are still going strong. But with all the negativity going around, I'm glad there are others showing positivity and I'll gladly support it. So I'll end this with a big shoutout to Bast to say keep up the good work!
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I also want to say that, even though it seems to have gotten so little attention, the new content for the zolarg is awesome. Personally, I didn't get hit too hard by anything that was added. Only thing that I lost was some unnecessary amounts of gold. What I'm trying to say is, although so many people are angry, there are also others who don't just quit because of a challenge. I actually enjoy having something to work on after researching and building almost everything.
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I was taken 99.9999% of my cash but I know this is necessary to maintain the balance between old and new colonies.
V0.50 make self-support with money-making building more important than before; thus, will force players with large colonies to use these building more, or maybe treat the salary they pay with more cautious, too.
For me, this means cloth factory finally become part of my plan. And, as I'm not a GBT dependent online player, thanks to the system to get rid of so many (useless) zeroes on my cash column.
Good job Bast.
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