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[NOZ] Nations of OZ- The Largest My Colony Discord Community! - Page 7

#61 2018-04-01 15:58:15
WE are adding to out numbers EVERYDAY! Come see what all the fuss is about!


Also we would like to thank all candidates for the Wizard Elections!

With a total of 15 votes, Wubs has clearly been chosen as the next Wizard for NOZ. NOZ has spoken and is ready to entrust you with keeping the server safe, moderating when needed, and the precious 'Kick Members' has been given to you to stop unruly and destructive guests or even members. This will prepare you in turn for higher roles. You also can manage nicknames, actually, most of us only manage one guy's nickname, and its Mr Uzbekistanian Pakistan .

Your rank change will be reflected in due time. NOZ Senior Counsel would like to thank UltimateNerd00 and Mr Uzbekistanian Pakistan for participating in the elections and hope you do again for the next. Continue to strive to greater heights!

Neo and Vyryn
Grand Wizards of NOZ
The Founder of NOZ

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#62 2018-04-14 07:05:33
Rank Update.

Wizengammot are people who are sort of resting on their laurels. Fully proven their loyalty to NOZ, but not so active anymore. Almost no role requirements except occasionally provide some advice.

Grand Wizard
GW are the community leaders and server admins. Between us, we do all of the following: server administration, posting announcements, keeping new things going on, communication with other federations, banning members, leadership discussions, leadership direction, and public presence. Also all responsibilities of Wizards.

Wizards are junior admins, responsible for settling disputes that get out of hand, assigning roles, fixing server issues and other duties assigned by GWs, in addition to the duties of Conjurers. Each month, 2 Conjurers are elected for a 1 month term to begin the month after.

Conjurers help with running the community, welcoming new members, assigning roles, keeping chat active, monitoring chat, keeping an eye on trouble makers, and are involved with all leadership discussions. This is a moderator type role. Conjurers also have all the responsibilities of Sorcerers.

This unique role is a recognition of the hard work our largest members have put into the game. Anyone with a colony of at least 500,000 people or half a billion in GDP can get the Magus role. It is added on top of other existing roles (Sorcerer/Mage).

Sorcerers are key members of the community. They are experienced in the game, and have earned their independence and decided to create a commonwealth. Sorcerers are involved in most leadership discussions, and take on extra responsibilities such as advertising their commonwealth and helping newer members, helping to expand the community.

Mage is the general membership role in NOZ. Anyone who has joined NOZ receives this role. They have access to the full resources of NOZ and are expected to grow their colony and learn the game, helping other members as able
The Founder of NOZ

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#63 2018-04-17 09:24:40
We had so many more people join us this week. Come by and see whats all the fuss about.
The Founder of NOZ

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#64 2018-06-11 03:01:48
The Founder of NOZ

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#65 2018-06-18 18:46:24
How do become an ambassador for my federation, the Carter Galactic Federation? I would like for our federations to form an alliance.
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
Join the Nations of OZ!
#66 2018-07-16 07:13:03

The Founder of NOZ

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#67 2018-07-23 04:25:07
New Games added!

Kerbal Space Program
Stardew Valley

Come on by and have fun!

The Founder of NOZ

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#68 2018-08-10 08:51:28
New members joining every day! Our community is ever growing, come on by and see why!
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

#69 2018-08-14 06:37:50
Come get to know us on our discord! Heaps of friendly people and help available for everyone!
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

#70 2018-08-18 10:46:03
There is room for everyone in NOZ, come on by and have a chat!
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

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