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Idea: Colonist Builders

So.I dont know why colonists cant build. Maybe colonists with builder profession can help the builder bots build. COOOOOL
That is their workplace. So maybe this might be different from other professions.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
So you are taking about something like a building which increases the building speed of bots percently according to how many people work currently?
Nope. I mean that colonists that are builders can BUILD buildings JUST LIKE THE ROVERS build buildings. They walk over and start building with the same speed as a builder bot.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
it is just like colonist builder ;)
Interesting idea. I think they'd probably be limited to simpler buildings though. Would they still count as part of the population of your colony or would they be used similarly to the bug workers?
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
but if it is add they have the same speed like colonist or bot , the desien (what did they will look like)
they speed of building but a big probleme i have 400 drone and if i build something some time they don't move and when they move my pc it is like deading and if he can talk i think he will say
"no , no don't do this i will died argh" rip
died by to much movement
That would be neat
The idea is cool but I think that colonist builders should be able to build certain things when a certain population is reached ie build things they want or require in awkward places . Like hints at what they need to be happy using resources and so the player knows what they should build next. But also a chance of colonists deaths while their building.
Ok, what about this:

New building: Supply depot: this building recruits colonists and generates a builder unit when the colonist begins working. Once the colonist leaves for their shift, the builder disappears into thin air as if the colonist was the builder.

New worker: Builder: this guy can help build any structure and can build just as fast as a rover, but you are limited on how many builders that you can have out at the same time based on how many supply depots you have. Workers cost nothing to be created, just be sure to pay the worker in the supply depot that this builder is representing.

New building: tractor supply depot: This building recruits colonists and generates a bobcat unit when the colonist begins working. Once the colonist leaves for their shift, the bobcat disappears into thin air as if the colonist was in the bobcat.

New vehicle: Bobcat: this vehcle can build much faster than a regular builder and only requires 1 oil per bobcat per shift. The bobcats are built when the building is initially built so don't worry about having to spend any ore or steel on them for each shift.This unit could help build any builing and would build as fast as three rovers put together since humans are smart and can perform much more intricate tasks than rovers.

New add free structure: Kinetic supply depot: does the same thing for kinetic builders, only it requires a constant supply of artifacts and microchips.
New add free content: Kinetic builder: Using ancient alien brain enhancement technology, the kinetic builder can get much more work done through their telekinetic abilities. This allows them to surpass rover building speed 20-fold. However, each K builder needs 25 food and water at the start of each shift in order to replace the massive amount of calories burned through the use of their telekinetic abilities.

This idea of a worker vanishing when a colonist leaves their shift shouldn't be a hard thing to implement, but let me know what you think.
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