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A way to put storage onto ore

Really simple idea have the lander have say 250 k ore storage by the time that fills a player could easly have other storage built and that would take out the last unlimited resource .
well you may not have storage for something else but ore is the only one that would have been a issue .
Ps keep in mind we still need massive amounts of storage but i cant ever see needing more then 100 million of anything .
and ore gold and steel -chips are the only ones we even use that much of anything else a million is alot .
It is a fine idea but I already put 1200 storage into the lander in 0.51.0
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bastecklein said:It is a fine idea but I already put 1200 storage into the lander in 0.51.0

Would it be possible to get the storage limits ahead of time for planning purposes? Please?
1200 storage I ment 250 k not 250 lol
All of the ore refineries and other buildings that use ore have storage as do the quantum warehouses. There should be so much storage that you don’t have to make many changes.

Also in 0.51 the decay is slow and there is no decay under 10k

Also I am only adding the storage buildings to this update, the caps will come in 0.52
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Where would I post a question about .51?
for the storage do the same think to the trash but with ore ,big land file or pit ,a giant building where you can storage a giant amont of ore and don't use power :p
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