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Anyone know what language MyColony is written in?

I am learning Python programming and it would be awesome as a learning project, to be able to view things like stats and progress from my game through Python...I may even be able to write some little scripts to run alongside my gameplay to track certain things and monitor progress etc...

Had a look through the download files on Linux version but nothing really jumping out at me, so thought I'd ask here :)
JavaScript I think
Its me Lego.
Thanks, the save files are encoded in Base64, easy enough to decode into json...but I dont really want to cheat by speeding up buildings or adding res etc I just wanted to access data and specs, I hope the Devs notice that it's actually quite easy to edit saves (once you've extracted them) may need a patch coz it could be really easy to create an empire like this, I like the grind, so wont be faffing round with that :)
lol better not try it lol the game has a few surprises for people who do
Yeah, I keep it easy as I don’t mind if offline players want to cheat or mod to their hearts content. The server does checks for colonies in online mode though and you can risk being banned and losing your entire commonwealth and perhaps access to the server entirely for repeat offenses.

And yes the game is primarily in JavaScript, although there is platform specific code in native languages on Android, iOS, and Windows.
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