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Colonists dying too fast since 0.43 update

My colonies were doing fine until the 0.43 update. Since then I've lost 1/3 of my colonists so far and they seem to die faster than they arrive. I have current population around 540, 6 landing pads, 1 cloning facility. Also, not sure if this indicates Anything, but there's a row of people all around the landing pads.
you should have enough food and water for them....
Its me Lego.
Are they incredibly tired and check their health status.
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I mean,... there's no easy way to get a sense of the general populations stats... so you click one by one. There is plenty of food, water, and hospitals that aren't full near every housing area... and within 6 blocks of any housing. I have the labor set to "light" rather than "normal" to give more time for r&r and health. I also noted that all those folks around the landing pads disappeared when I did a fire alarm and the death rate dropped... but now more people are showing stuck at the landing pads as new folks come to the colony....
try turning off colonist rendering
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I turned off colonist rendering and did a "fire drill" via the government building... all the folks went to work and I haven't had an issue with protests or people dying... weird.
This morning on my Zolarg map my people started dying left and right and I couldn't figure it out. I was going through the code trying to find out was wrong. Turned out that I had somehow accidentally turned on food rationing on the policy menu. Didn't realize until my population had gone from 4,000 to 200.
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Same things happened to me.
* 100% health + enough hospital space
* 100% Approval Rating
* turn off Render Colonists
* light work policy
* Average and Midden all >$900 colonists savings

And they still keep dying, even the tourists too.

Oh, by the way, I have lot baby age (4~5 years) colonists worker and my average age is 10 years old, it's that normal???
I started showing average age of 1 just after the upgrade. Now it's showing an average age of 0.
Just found some of their happiness drop super quick even I use stimulus package charge them to 100% ($300).
After use stimulus package, turn off "render colonists", wait one or two minute and turn of "render colonists" again, some of them back on protest. It's very annoying.

Right now the only thing I can do is close this game and wait some solution, because it cant do nothing and watch them keep dying. Now all the new colonies are like babies because the new one start from 0 years old, and they keep dying too. It's horrible.
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