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Creating a .mct File


I have modified several textures in Inkscape and would like to store them in an mct file. I have yet to find this function, and I am under the impression that this is something the game does via a modding tool available to users who have a premium subscription. I have obtained this premium subscription, however the only options I have for modding are to enable/ disable a mod, import a mod, and visit the modding community. Have I missed something in the purchase process, or am I completely wrong in saying the game has a modding tool that packs the image files?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
the game its self does not the programs that make the files do .
you need to find out which programes ( there are two one that draws one that packs I believe .
ps dont hold me to it but I am fairly sure this is the prosses
lots of programes can take the texture and change it to mct file heck 7 zip says it can .
( not sure if that is totaly free .
me I am just not getting into it my self but does not look to hard
The game does have a built in molding tool. In Windows and android there is a create texture mod option under the modding section of more options.

Once again that's More Options -> Modding -> Create Texture Mod. If there is nothing there then reboot.
Still not working then post your device and My Colony software version.
Not seeing Create Texture Mod after reboot of phone. Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with My Colony v0.51.0. I appreciate everyone's help.
yeah, its not available on my phone (galaxy s8). Is available from my tablet and laptop. You might just need some more tech.
Neato! I'll create the texture packs on the computer and move them over to the phone. Thanks for your assistance and confirmation!
I presume it would be a good idea to post this in the bug reports forum?
It's not necessarily a bug. The mod editor does not show up on a small screen device. You can test this by opening the Web version of My Colony, resizing the window to very small on the title screen, and then choosing the Modding option from the menu.

The reason is that the texture editor screen is not (currently) responsively designed, so it does not render properly on a small display.
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Understood, thanks for the clarification.

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