This is a placeholder thread and will be updated later, but I needed to generate the URL.

What is it?
The Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge adds extra functionality to apps and games hosted on, giving them additional features and capabilities normally only available in the native client versions of the apps and games. These features include things like offline file-system storage access and peer-to-peer connectivity over local area networks (think offline LAN multiplayer). These features are generally unavailable to web apps due to web browser security standards.

Who is it for?
The Desktop Bridge was created by @bastecklein to allow for testing native cross-platform features while doing development on the web. It was previously too archaic and technical for distribution. However, with upcoming online and offline multiplayer features for games such as My Colony, Antiquitas, Colony Wars, and Death 3d, it would be impossible for web-only users of these games to use their full feature-sets.

Do you need it?
It is important to keep in mind that using the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge is still somewhat technical, and in most cases it is preferable to just install a native client or Windows Store version of the app or game you are wanting to use. Setup requires installing a security certificate authority to your browser of choice, a step which some users may be uncomfortable with. But for some circumstances where you either cannot use a native version of the app or you just prefer the web version, the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge is available to unlock full desktop-class functionality for software hosted on

This is a placeholder thread. Download links for the Desktop Bridge and the required security certificate will be added soon, along with full setup instructions for the major browsers and operating systems.