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Antiquitas v1.7.0 Released

Antiquitas v1.7.0 has just been wrapped up and it's starting to make its way to various platforms. Here is the expected release schedule:

Web: Available Now
Ape Apps Launcher: Available Now
Windows Store: Available Tomorrow
iPhone/iPad: Available Tomorrow
Android: Available Later This Week
Native Clients: Available Later This Week

The issue with the Android and Native Clients is that my main development machine is currently down and so I will be spending the next couple of days getting everything back up and running and will be unable to publish updates to Android or the Native Clients before then. My iOS and Windows development is done on different machines, so they were not impacted, and the Ape Apps Launcher is automatically self-updating and so does not require anything special on my part.

This is the second Gaul update, and includes 15 fresh new Gaul buildings straight from graphics mastermind @jova . Also included are two new premium structures and a new resource: Wheat Beer.

The Gauls are now somewhat far along and totally playable, but there is still a lot more to come. @jova is cranking out the graphics faster than I can get them added into the game. Like I mentioned earlier, I have to spend the next couple of days getting my computer working again, and then My Colony is way past due for an update, so I've absolutely got to work on that. Then, there will be yet another Gaul content update coming to Antiquitas, so stay tuned for a whole lot more!
Sweet. Can't wait for more. If i can make a suggestion how about adding a (premium) statue of Asterix and Obelix to the Gaul race for that cartoon reference?
I think, problem of copyright ... :-/
Known New Building .
- Large House - 15 Gauls
Gaulish Mint Coin rate unknown - probably near the same as Romans mint 15 coins 30 seconds apx .
Tavern ( for Gauls who want to get baked )
Goat farm
Sacred Oak
Gold smelter
Druid Assembly ( up grade from druid Ring provides research faster )
Clan House 30 gauls
Gold can now be mined - Mint will use Bronze as coins
Hall Of Tauth = Civic Points - uses coins- Residents = 8 - No workers
Small market = Import export
Caupon --- ae - for Travelers sells food and such makes coins ( also Wednesday is doable is Caupon day lol
New Resource wheat Beer - totally filling twice as heavy ( trade marked 4 goats pulling a cart - Check local coliseum for days and times for the half time show .
Access to all Plop-able Mines
Access to brick production
Water basin ( produces water ) Stores water . Just incase the never ending water ends lololol
Ill add any thing else I find as I find it .Ill probably miss something this time so any one sees something please add it .
WOW goat farm really cranks out wool one goat farm = maybe 7 or even 10 sheep farm .
with just 4 gaot farms I have produced over 8000 wool in less then 30 mints
Note to Bast Hall of Tauth Production zero civic - Usage .53 coins
Residents = 8 ??? No workers ???
New Structures:
- Small Gaulish Mint
- Bakery
- Water Basin
- Town Door NS/EW
- Druid Assembly
- Brewery
- Gold Smelter
- Hall of Tuath
- Large House
- Clan House
- Manor House
- Tavern
- Gold Mint
- Goat Farm
- Small Market
New ad-free Content:
- Stone Hut
- Sacred Oak
New Resource:
- Wheat Beer
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I'll look into the Hall of Tuath, @colbya
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Town door not shown on my build bar - all resources Paid version .
No manor house shown I am producing all resources including brick
Ill check creative mode and see if I am missing something .
Nice update This is purely feed back no bug reports
Manor house requires city planing showed up once bought
every thing ok except the one check
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