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Turbo bots - Construction drones - The need for speed

both Turbo bots and construction drones speed are uneffected by pavement types .
they move like on dirt no matter what pavment type .
maybe next up date you could add speed ? please .
Ironically, they (sometimes) follow roads anyway, even though they don't get a boost.
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Well it is because they are flying. If you fly over a road it doesn't make your plane go faster. Maybe I can make their general speed faster, but it will not be impacted by roads
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oooooooo well now no wonder never accured to me they are flaying .
well plans minim speed is also alot faster lol
Ok then lear turbo drones . lol
Could you pleas make it like so they can fly over walls an small building? That makes them really "fly"
I probably can
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