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[NOZ]Invincible, Astro-vince and Zola-vince: The CWs you would like to be in! - Page 2

Invincible is a really great guy
He helps out with anything you need
Vince helps newcomers a lot and It's a great fun to play in NOZ for almost 4 months already!
got 2.5 bln GDP and 400k pop

GL to every1 =^.^=
I can say that Invincible is probably the best commonwealth leader that I have seen. He is incredibly responsive, and always willing to help. He has given me so many materials that I can't even begin to thank him.
Invincible is definitely the best, whenever we need anything he's always there to help. Especially with resources in early stage.

It brings me a great pleasure to inform all the folks of MC, for a very rare feat, which i believe might be unprecedented in the history of My colony. One of my CW members, @lrunacres who is the owner of Polltopia, has overtaken me, his CW leader, in Population. A really huge feat, considering that i myself have more than 3.5m population. For the same Reason, I Declare an Award of 1 Billion Triantanium to the colony, and wish him good luck and keep on growing
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The world is here, In NOZ INVINCIBLE! Where are you? Take a chance to be a part of one of the largest single map player!! And sometimes maybe your achievements might as well be announced in game and here ;)
Archmage Of Nations Of Oz[NOZ]
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Whoop Whoop
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