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Menu improvements.


A lot of players want decorations off the "all buildings" menu. They're just AGGRAVATING 99% of the time at least, even to players who do want them but only under the decoration menu.

It would be nice if buildings who now have a category of their own wouldn't be listed under another vague category (education buildings should not be also under government for example). Or if they ARE, make the buildings who have a more precise category for them listed last?

A lot of players outgrow a lot of buildings and would like to have the ability to filter out (and unfilter) certain buildings they don't like or don't like anymore. Menu buttons only composed of such buildings should have greyed borders.

The menu should have building names sorted alphabetically which would make it a hell of a lot easier to find buildings we remember the name of. Also typing the name as a filter-search would help.

We want buildings to list their IQ requirements both for working there, or for being a student.

Buildings (and tech) who can't ever be useful on the current planet because certain stuff will never spawn should have a red * in the menu so people don't build expensive stuff tricked by the poor state of the documentation about certain buildings.

Buildings which can be built, but you have no citizen with the proper IQ at this time, should have a yellow * which explain the problem as a tooltip.

Have a button for "buildings we never-ever built, but they are unlocked" helpful to find newly unlocked stuff. The current method for checking for missed unlocked buildings currently is manually checking each menu which takes me 7 minutes 40 seconds approx and has been known to accidentally not find them until the next pass due to high boredom past the first 2 minutes...
Sorry for the necro but in the interest of not duplicating threads, I'll second this suggestion and add a couple additional comments.

I play primarily on mobile, and end up spending much of my time scrolling through the building menus trying to find what I'm looking for. In addition to the OP, the following would be extremely helpful.

Storage buildings should only appear in the storage menu. Not in food or resources.
Buildings should not be in both the resource and durable goods menus. One or the other.
Trees should be moved to farming.
Atmosphere Scrubber should be moved to terraforming and removed from the resource menu. (took me like 5 minutes to find this one building)

It's frustrating to research something and then have to figure out where it is in the building menus. Definitely second the OP on a menu for newly unlocked stuff.

I can create a complete list for which buildings should be in which sub menus (in my opinion) for humans if there is interest.
please place the center for relic studies under some category. cant find it unless you click the drones
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Invincible said:please place the center for relic studies under some category. cant find it unless you click the drones

It's in "all buildings", but yeah, that was one that took me forever to find as well.
I do want to reconfigure all of the build categories, but it is a pretty big and time consuming undertaking
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