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My Colony v0.76.0 Released

Today I am publishing the v0.76.0 build of My Colony to all platforms. I was traveling all of last week, and due to the holiday I will be with family for the remainder of this week (U.S. Thanksgiving), so I was not able to spend much time on this release or really dig deep into the code. There were a couple of easy fixes that I wanted to get in there before the holiday though, as well as a little more content. So here is the rundown.

Firstly, the issue where Federation ballots were duplicated should now be fixed. Also, there was a bug where several money-related achievements were not posting. These should be working now. Also, and I have not been able to test this, but now when a colony has been disconnected from the server due to inactivity, it should now automatically register a new charter code when the player comes back online, with no further action required of the player. I have also implemented several fixes on the server side which caused stats not to be updating. Finally, any bug that caused a stack-trace exception to be reported to the error tracker has been addressed.

Beyond those fixes, I have added new content, primarily to the Zolarg.

Zolarg have two new techs to unlock now, Insectoid Oil Production and Mystic Uranium Generation. These techs unlock new structures, including the Petropit, the Petrocone, and the Unholy Uranium Generator. These additions are moving the Zolarg closer to being able to build Starships, which will be necessary for the Federation content I plan on adding soon.

The Reptilians get an upgraded capitol building called the Chamber of our Fathers, which also doubles as their very first Research producing building, so Reptilians are soon going to be getting a tech tree. Of course, and as with other things Reptilian, it will be a bit different than the other two races. Things are going to start getting crazy for the Reptilians, and you will even be seeing some My Colony lore emerge about the link between the Reptilians and the Ancient Aliens who are an underpinning presence across a lot of the game.

So that is about it for today. There is a lot more to come on all fronts, I just did not have a lot of time to do work over the last week and over the coming days, although I still wanted to get some fixes for My Colony pushed out. So stay tuned, and thanks for playing!
Very cool! Good work and keep going! If you ever need any help with coding, just ask.
sounds fun!
Yeah :D
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odd zorg tecks for oil and UR were there in 75.0
beyond that the resource bug that - all resources when reentering the game is still there i just got hit once again deleting resources BUT wile the stats show resources being deleted up to 100 s of k at a time the acutal amount being deleted is very small .
the amount of saves seams to have no effect on how this bug hits as i have been actively playing most of the day .
but a short save - exit - reenter say mints the bug does not seam to hit its only after hours of play so it seams .
Looks like no Region bug fixes this time? Understandable with the holiday season now upon us. So far my Mac Region is doing great, with no hanging saves or corrupted Region cities. Still having several big problems with the iOS version with both Region and single city hanging saves and corruption.
Playing on: Mac and iPhone
ballots are still showing duplicates
Sounds fun. Unfortunately, the update, somehow, corrupted my savegame on the Windows Store version, and, even though it was an online colony, I can't recover it... Time to start over again...
0.81.0 Ape-Apps Launcher version on Windows 10.
Since starships are the last tech in the game, maybe a lower-level tech should be created to unlock trade routes, and the current faster than light tech can be used to reach an upgraded form of trading?
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My Colony

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