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0.83.0 - auto trader changes for storage UP DATED witha better idea .!

I am redoing this post with updated better info .
as posted on last reply having it possible to set WHEN auto trader starts selling a resource would work better then waiting till storage is full .
also I just found out EVERY single import amount shows upon EVERY import building so stargate is Spammed with 500 wood and Closes every import Every time closes the window making it so getting out all the small amounts takes forever .
Each import building SHOULD only list imports of the amount the building is designed to Import .
Heck I assumed you had done that lol .
anyway for details on auto trades say you have 3 million wheels and 100 million storage but want auto tarder to sell some have a popout that lets you set the Starting point to sell ( or receive a resource so setting the auto tarder to start at 3 million up to 10 % of the storage would be much simpler then revamping storage and make the mass resources players happy at the same time as making it easer for smaller players .
I did find out the Import resources Do show up on trades buying them out clears the import buildings .
btw you could just put caps on storage per resource like say alien relic say a cap of 5 million or something such as that thing is no matter how much more storage you place there are limits on resources . for some stuff it don't matter like ore gold steel for others like relics no way to every get 100 million
I have 1.9B artifact, 1.7B Ancient Instructions, 1.8B Alien Relic :D With region, this values are not hard to obtain.
yea I am sure you bought them over time No way you created 1.8 billion relic on any world . heck you could cover a extra large map with bug dig sites and not gain over 2 k per resource counter .
so lets not kid each other so you bought them probly through the gate or trades .
now 1.9 billion arts maybe but no way you got a billion CREATED instructions ( you could fill a map with AI buildings and not bring it in that fast .
now for most people who don't or cant just buy there way through the game storage limits would make auto trades usable for them (( 5 of you guys 500000 of them ))
see the game is meant for the most people to play possible , I acutely don't like the idea of storage limits But I think of more then just my self .

The game ONLY last as long as a lot of people play . bast needs a large following other wise the game dies as so many do .
Lord I thought you massive players loved having 200 colony's under you ? anyway In the end if auto trades is to be useful to MOST players storage limits must be dropped on things like wheels .

Ps as for the few of you who have a billion instructions or a billion relics well bummer I may louse a few my self depending on how low the storage limit is set but its worth it to keep the game going .
PS only way you even have that much storage is you made a colony JUST for storage you realize gravity warehouse holds 4 million so it would take around 2000 - 3000 gravity warehouses to get that much storage and the amounts of tritainum to run them would be staggering ,
Build few maps of convertors and see how fast you get a billion AI. And honestly not just regions, but my main colony is a single map and I did reach 1b of a lot of resources, not AI and AR(had 200-300m) but AI was all produced by myself before converters came in. And yes, I do have 10B storage on a single map. Relics were easier to make with zolargs and a medium map easily gives around 10-15k per minute (converter map gives 75-85k per minute) depending on the layout you use. But honestly it's not impossible to get those amounts without importing/buying as I have done it myself and not on region but a single map. Even I had hell lot of wheel factories and got 100m in a week
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No, pretty much all resource are from this colony (Final Space, region map), some resource are from my old Main colony (50-60 milion each, and nothing for brick, Pottery, Tritanium, Ancient Instructions.. under the milion), in the early stage of the colony i have created an other support colony, and insect type, for farm aluminium, clay, wood and Allien Relic, but i don't use anymore.

I don't have other player under my roof :D And i don't even keep my pc on 24/24..
yes the converter is nice I have about 40 running and my relics are coming in AT A STAGERING 300 - 450 a mint.
I am retesting the bug world it would be nice to get UR coming in at even 5 k on te resource counter best I managed so far is 1.5 k and that is around 100 - 150 of the alien enrichment ,
I do like you massive players really In do and wish you guys shared your how you did it info more .

fact is most people never even get a 100 k colonists it is easy enough to get to end game on earth with 40 k colonists even .
as for bugs heck 20 k is huge poplation ,
now al - arts - plastic I have coming in at between 10 and 20 k depending on how the colonists are doing .
Instructions around 3 million relics the same and that is because of the converter , heck the converter is what finly made getting robots a litte easer .

reptile's well 1000 is a lot lol LIS end is the same as earth .

Ps one thing I noticed with some resources take plastic I was bring in 18 - 25 k so decided to dobble the amount of plants I have and guess what happened NOTHING no increases in plastic at all .

seams to be some kind of roof on resources with some buildings no matter how many more you build the resources just don't come in faster > I would love 5 k pottery coming in bricks as well but lord I built 100s of pottery and even then did not even reach 1 k
ps 10 billion storage lol my guess is you starve the warehouses as After they are built running out of tritainum they still work .

lord must be close to 10k of them lol
ps I also dobbled the number of converter buildings with zero incress of resources had around 40 went to around 80 the max I bring in both times is 300 - 350 on the resource counter .
Here's a caption of my resources atm
Did a trade with diamonds, crystals and wood yesterday and was gifting stuff to my other colony so few things are below 10B right now.

Oh, and I don't starve my storage, I'm making about 600k excess tri per minute. got 24B of it stored as you can see
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