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Advanced cloning facility

When reaching endgame, one finds himself in a constant battle for population.

All endgame buildings require huge amounts of population and a situation i find myself often in is that i have to spam my maps with tons of cloning facilities so that i can fulfill my population needs. I find myself using 1/4 of a region map filled with cloning facilities, and even so sometimes my population grows as slow as watching grass grow.

I have two suggestions to this problem that i'm certain others face as well :

1) Allow for big maps to be created on the region

2) Add an ''advanced cloning facility'' to the game buildings

These in my view would be crucial elements for late/endgame players
filling a map of advanced robots usually means like a whole day of letting it sit gathering pop.
I preffer stargates over cloning facilities due to just needing to place them, no pop needed to work.
but yeah, it's a big time sink for higher pop density maps.
though, boosting it too much could be bad, like, only thing that's sorta limiting super fast growth in realy late game is the immigration and building speed.
Fair point..

I dunno. It was just an idea i was throwing out there. Perhaps a small boost for the cloning facility wouldn't hurt, perhaps it would.

Let's see what other players think as well
Same here, usually i build 50-80 stargate for boost the population, and just 8-10 cloning facilities for any eventuality.

In any case, only bank (around 600k-700k) and adv robot require substantial population. But you don't need 10 city fulls of banks, you don't need 10 city for build robots, just 4-5 for banks, and one for robots in end game (medium city in region, of course).

Others structure, like Research Converter need 200-300k, a map with 100 ship yard and 14 Star Port (for balance in/out) need 10k. And for this building type, the growing population ratio is the last of the problem, since the lag is pretty heavy when we try to build many structures at the same time.
I agree with this a lot I have to build about 90 stargates and cloning facilities. get about 100k an hour still slow but it the best you can do right now. Would be very helpful to either have shared Population between maps, large maps, or a better cooling facility.
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One thing i forgot to mention that would strengthen my advanced cloning facility argument is that by allowing immigration through stargates for example, you only get the worst of the worst colonists from everywhere. Uneducated, unqualified scum that require a lot of education, that will protest in the meantime and slow down things a lot. When you clone your own , you get high quality colonists :)
There's also another way to fix the problem. If bast would implement a way for us to transfer a certain amount of population from one map to another, then all you would need to do is devote a few medium sized maps for colonist production along with entertainment and housing. You can have other maps for food and water. This way when you're breeder map(that's the nickname I'm giving it) accumulates a massive amount of population, you can have them transferred over to your production maps. You would have to have a massive amount of housing space and entertainment in the breeder colony as well, because you may want to store your colonists there for a long time and let them accumulate before transferring them over to another map.
The simplest way imo would be to be able to trade colonists on the GBT like cattle :)

Make colonists tradable !!!

Slave market?
Ansom said::O

Slave market?


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