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On/Off mechanic

hi I have over 41 Advanced robotics inc. and if someone else has had this problem its frustrateing when you just want to turn like 10 or 20 of some building lets use robo inc for example but you cant turn 10 or 20 off but all them off wouldn't it be great if you could specify how many buildings you want to turn on or off Developers it would be very helpful if this came true still a great game
Why only 10 or 20? wouldn't you want to just balance the production more?
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Or the ability to change the work policy for a specif type of strutture.

In region colony web can already do a simil management.
Or what if we were had a power-off mode in addition to the buldoze mode. You could double click and then drag over the buildings that you want to deactivate. Tapping the power-off mode button a second time could put you in power-on mode, which would turn any deactivated buildings on. This would allow you to better control which buildings you want to turn off very quickly.

A example of where this could be used is when you are trying to grow your population and you want to control which jobs they reach for as they come in, activating one job-building at a time as they fill up to make sure all colonists have a small commute distance. Only having a feature that would randomly pick buildings to deactivate or activate to balance output could put some of your colonists in a bad spot since you have no control over which specific buildings are being toggled, so some people may want to micro-manage that. This new mode would allow for that.

in this mode you could have a dark yellow outline for power-off mode and a bright yellow outline for power-on mode. Would allow you to determine easily which mode you are in so you don't accidentally deactivate or activate the wrong building

Let me know what you think of this.
Yeah, that would be great idea @amorphus , would be really handy to have a button like that
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