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Bug with entertainment buildings

#1 2019-08-16 03:23:02
I found a bug whereby entertainment buildings will lose all their entertainment slots for colonists, while tourist slots are kept. The entertainment data in Statistics page will also display a negative number (vacant slots: - xx). This will then cause approval rating to start dropping significantly, as I presume the game is seeing that there isn't any available entertainment.

I play in web browser version from the My Colony site.

A few observations :
- Reloading the game fixes it but only temporarily. After some seemingly random amount of time (sometimes only after a few minutes, sometimes hours), the bug returns.
- Tried reloading an earlier save, about 10-15 play-hours before, and the bug eventually returns after a few hours.

Based on what entertainment buildings I have, this affects most such as pubs, hipster bars, pyramids, parks, green domes, stadium. Surprisingly Arcade Center and Colonimulation Hub don't seem to be affected, but building a few of them didn't seem to improve the approval rating from dropping.

Somebody else on the general chat was also affected similarly as well.

Edit : Arcade Center and Colonimulation Hub are affected as well.
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#2 2019-08-16 05:19:27
Is it same as this? I have been having the problem too
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#3 2019-08-16 14:19:42
Yes invincible, that is very similar to what I experienced. Sorry didn't notice you have posted similar issue a few months back.

Fingers crossed this will be fixed in upcoming patch 0.9.2, and I will report back here once the patch arrives.

Some workarounds which I have tried. What I found is avoiding to click or build any entertainment buildings at all seem to delay the bug from happening to me for a while, although in one save I got the bug again after another 15 hours or so of playing even trying not to view any entertainment buildings.
#4 2019-08-18 09:28:17
Happened to me too :(
#5 2019-08-19 02:23:14
Just an update, after patch 0.9.2 the same thing still happens. For anyone who has encountered this issue and found a temporary workaround, please share with us until a bugfix is finally applied.

My last save is pretty much now unplayable, as approval is tanking due to the colonists thinking that I don't have any entertainment in the whole map, with entertainment statistics showing negative -xx number, and no entertainment building shows available slots for guests to come in.
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