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Merge and rename the resources?

H3110 guys!

In this game it’s getting more and more new resource types - And now I think we are having a bit too much resource types in the game.
Such many resource types do weaken the game performance in an extent and also making the game a bit too complicated.

Here are the resources I wished to reduce, merge and rename.

Pottery and Bricks into Ceramics.
For now, these two resource are the things you can make from clay, and, logically speaking, they are both ceramics, as long as they are not made of other materials?
Brick Factory and Pottery Works will be merged into Ceramic Works.

Alien Artifact and Alien Relic into Alien Artifacts.
Well, strictly speaking... they are the same thing. It’s just the relics are made from artifacts. But this might cause massive changes in the game...

Cloth and Wool into Textiles.
Is it possible for making textiles directly after yoy have got wool? For that kind of early technology level in My Colony, I think, yes. Just eliminate the useless wool resource that worthes nothing in other civilizations.

Charcoal into Coal (or Carbon).
Charcoal have similar use as coal, and it is just, carbon. Just hope to extend definition.

Rum into Alcohols.
Rum is a alcoholic drink, but will it be a bit boring when you only have rum in the supermarkets? Why not extend the range of alcoholic drinks, or even, put those alcohol stuff into industrial productions.

Here’s my suggestions for the merge and rename of resources.
Tell me what thoughts do you come with, regarding this suggestion.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Just so you know, the merging of two resources or even renaming a resource would be no small change to the game. If it were necessary to do, it could probably be implemented by a slow gradual change over time, such as implementing the new resource, and offering some sort of special building to let people convert their old version of the resource into the new, but to just flip a switch would break the GBT and most people's save files. IDK if it would be worth all of the trouble.
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So.. Doing the change name / merging resources in a short period, instead to simple the code will be a complete mess.

In any case..

I like the layers idea (ore/coal > steel, wool > cloth, microchip/alu > robot, oil > plastic > toys, ecc), and special material (Triantanium, antaura, ether..), and i honestly prefer this system. Like a old game, when the player job was to find new material mixing resources, thousands of possibilities, thousands of resources.

Maybe for to begin, bring resources back to their original owners. Now human use pretty much everything, antanium, antpaste, crystalline, obsidian, should be mainly used only be insect, and a little bit by draconian. Of course, I refer mainly to the next planned buildings
Warning- Long Post Ahead! (the first and last paragraphs are the most important if you don't want to read it all!)
I do understand wanting to change rum into alcohol since it does make more sense, but with my experience in coding, I understand what bast is saying. Assuming that nothing else had to be changed, simply having to go through the code and find every single instance of rum in the code, and change it to say alcohol, in a game as large as my colony, could take hours. And even if he used the current variable name and kept that the same, I'm not positive, but I imagine that it would still mean having to rename every instance where the word "rum" is displayed in-game individually...and for something so tiny, it's just not really worthwhile. What I use as my head-canon is that rum just means "alcohol" as technically, for humans at least, they aren't even making rum...rum is made from molasses, and molasses is a byproduct of turning sugarcane into sugar...the human rum buildings don't use sugar in any of them, meaning that they can't actually be making rum...nor can the draconians be making rum...I know it's nitpicky to use all that logic here, but I'm just saying that you can explain away the improper name, and knowing how hard it is to go through an entire source code and change the name of one resource...for almost no reward, when you instead could be making new features that will take just as much time, but will look more impressive when you put them in the changelog, that makes sense to me. Same thing with charcoal honestly. Now, if a world comes where he plans to add natural coal deposits in, then we can reasonably discuss changing the name of that, since it wouldn't *technically* be charcoal...but again, I would point back to my rum example for that.
I would agree with adding in more uses for wool, because as you said, only humans use it currently and it's only used to make cloth, so it would be nice for wool to have more uses...I'm struggling to think of one where cloth couldn't be used instead...but I'm sure someone could think of something. I mean, besides like a wool burner. I thought maybe a winter clothes sweatshop, that uses cloth and wool to make bulkier and warmer clothes...but then that's kinda lame to only add in that as a use.
Also while I see your point about pottery and bricks both being ceramics...I feel like it wouldn't make as much sense to combine them...for a number of reasons: 1. bricks are meant for building, rather than pottery which if you tried to build something out of...woud just crush the pottery. 2. Things like, the pottery used by the museum wouldn't be as poetic if you just called it "ceramics" and certain buildings that use pottery and bricks in their construction wouldn't feel as right. Since bricks are for the structure, pottery is used to give everyone in the building cups and plates. :) Plus, ceramics are a very broad category, and you can put all materials under three categories (as I'm learning in school) ceramics, metals, and polymers. Now I know what you mean and what you're trying to say, but the problem is; diamonds, obsidian and crystal are also ceramic materials. And it comes back to what I said before, ceramics, polymers, and metals each can all have very different properties. Think about aluminum, steel, gold, uranium, antanium, triantanium. Even if you only focused on the first four because they actually exist, all four (or six) have very different properties, hence why they are classified differently. Sorry for the tangent, I was just trying to explain why I felt it would be weird to merge those two together, especially under that name.
I do think that if we are going to have all these different resources, they should have more uses, for example, instructions only have one use, and are only useful for the time when you need to get relics from Auntie Belle's Cupcake after you get research converters, you don't need them anymore, because you can get relics directly from that. The fact that only humans are even able to store them is telling. And as mentioned, wool only has one use currently. Charcoal is nice for humans, but for insects with mysticism, even though they can make and store it, it's currently useless if you have unholy power spires. And one of the biggest problems- paintings. They are only used to build a couple draconian buildings and are sold at the counterfeit market. Outside of that, they are useless. UE can make them and store them, but currently, have a grand total of 0 use for them.
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