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Helios File Manager isn’t detected by My Colony

#1 2019-10-27 03:06:17
When I am trying to export a save file, even though I have the Helios File Manager here it doesn’t bring me to the export but tell me I ‘don’t have’ Helios File Manager.
Also, recover saves from local files uses google files instead of Helios.
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#2 2019-10-28 00:03:22
Same problem here
#3 2019-11-08 05:42:04
How do we fix this? My game also cannot find Helios File Manager which I had to download manually because the Do you want us to get it for you? Button didnt work. Kept saying not found or something.
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#4 2019-11-08 21:55:57
I'm having the same issue, I'm on android and the recent takedown might have something to do with it because when you click the link to the Helios File manager, google play shows a screen saying something along the lines of "file not found".
#5 2019-11-10 07:09:08
So how can one export their saved files from their phone to the pc?
#6 2019-11-10 18:59:39
This will be corrected for v0.99.0
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