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The Return of Bast, and v1.0.0 Begins!

Greetings all! I have been busy the last few weeks with family, Thanksgiving, and getting my catalog of old apps updated for the Holiday season, but now I have returned to "active duty" and have begun work on the long awaited My Colony v1.0.0 update!

This update is going to be significant, and I expect a lot of potential bugs and craziness on the Web client, so please be aware of that.

I will be posting updates in the forum as I add new things so you all know what is coming, but the first new feature I started working on today is Regional level terrain generation, with support for templates.

I will explain, and please note that the feature is not done yet and some things remain broken, particularly with the automatic terrain generation.

Starting in v1.0, when you create a new Region, if it is of the type that has a River tile, you will be asked if you want to use automatic terrain generation, or import a template. If you choose Automatic, the game will generate rivers as normal, but on a regional scale, so that the rivers in one city actually line up to the next. This is still broken at the moment, so be patient.

The (in my opinion) cooler part, is the template option, and this is mostly working right now, although there is still some glitches to be found. That said, you can now import a 250x250px black and white image to use as a template for your regional water system. Here is a test template I created:

When you load this template into the game, it treats the white areas as land, and the black as water (or lava/ether/etc). So when you start filling out your regional cities, you get something like this:

It's not working perfectly yet, but you get the idea. I still need to get it so that you can see the rivers BEFORE you actually start one of the sub cities, but that is a work in progress.

So yeah, the first item on the agenda is the new Regional waterway system and templating. Once I am done with that, I will let you all know here in the forum what the next item on the agenda is!

And just be aware, the development cycle on v1.0.0 is going to be a lot slower than normal because I plan on packing this one with goodies, so stay tuned for more!
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This sounds great, cant wait to see what comes next.
This is fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished product of the regional auto generation.
I've made more progress on it today. Here is an auto-generated Earthlike region.

You never really know what you're going to get.

The game now automatically builds preview images for tiles which do not have a city on them. This is a somewhat expensive process though, and so the tile preview generation is staggered out, which makes rendering an entire map take a couple of minutes. The game is still playable though, while the tiles are being generated.

Here is another template I made:

Which turns into this:

A fine looking place to call home, if you ask me!
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And this one is just from an image I found online.

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
That is amazing vast can’t wait for this update seem like it’s going to be LIT. How you had a good Thanksgiving. :-)
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Also looking forward to the Galactic Emperor’s Quests (^ω^)

(long time haven’t back to the forum...)
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