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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0 - Page 2

Bast i would send the colony to you but cant find the export opption .
Having bad health does not account for 17.000 colonists just flat out disapiring on each payroll .AND ONLY on payroll .
bad health causes them to die off or leave slowly and you would never accutly notice any drop in colonists as new one come in faster then they leave or die .
' Besides I started a new region and new city and have 177 colonists in the only city in it and havent even bought much teck and it still zeros the colonists number to 0 then takes a mint for new ones to come .'
pleantly of food and water so they are NOT dieing as a matter of fact stats on colonies show just a hand full of deaths .
ratings are over 85 % as well along with my main was OLD and ran just fine idling before 1.0.0 .
I had not made any changes in that in in a long time and just letting it idle now the entire population of 36 k in one city just flat out disapires each time payroll hits so unless the game is now programed to alow 36 k colonists to up and leave or die in 1 second and only when payroll comes ?
' FINLY the independence shows 192500 to be independent and again does nothing if i click it and i have over a 100 million civ points .
lastly independence should read 250 k
ps i am running this colony on chrome book with chrome browser but the browser is no different on this platform .
just tried running the game on a different browser .
population starts going up fast at 13 k payroll hit and population is back to 0 .
it started from 0 in a few mints goes up to 13 k from having 30 cloning plants and ten upgraded cloning plants the payroll hit and it 0 . no way this is due to health or food or even water as the whole cycle takes less then 5 mints and new colonist wont start getting mad or sick or leave in such a short time .
But i guess you will believe its a bug when you put this update out to android .
along with not being able to declare independence and it showing 192,500 cost for it .
ps this is happing in ANY region city i play .
PSS going to start a single city no region and see if that makes a difference

i guess even sending the colony to you wont help if your system is not showing this bug .
HUmmm now the game has quite doing it ?
payroll came and went on 3 different colonys one single city the other two regions and population stayed the same .
I will say in my main city i added the small hospital But already had the advanced medical research center and it was right next to housing .
the others I changed nothing it just quite doing it but payroll still comes every 5 mints or so very fast .
wierd bug guess ill have to wate and see if it comes back .
BTW in my main which LOST every colonists there was ( 28,100 ) I just now got them all back withing 20 mints from 0 and have almost 2000 sick PS water - 278 million food 277 million entertainment 1180 All used .
approvial rating all over the map this mint it 71 biggest grip as always education .
as they are all new i expect rating to rise now they are sticking around .
ps health shows NO complants seeing how 2000 are sick that is funny
the only two grips are education and depression
ps declaring independence just worked as well . note the cost was 192.500 though
could be @colbya that your browsers did not yet have the final release code, and were using cached versions of older scripts?
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I thought of that when it first started so I used chrome's history then cleared chach and history . But I am wondering just how many of the errors I get are connection related as the game can be picky about a minimal connect. But non of this explained why the cost of declaring independence would be 192.500 .
I do have to be honest I go through a lot of laptops and platforms this chrome book I have now was given to me broken and I fixed it . It's old and well chromebook which means about useless lol
Anyway if I don't update this post then consider this a random error . Ps they can be caused just by even ram usage being tight lol.

I am having the same payroll population reset bug.

I'm on Android, I just updated and started a new game an hour ago. I first experienced the bug after building my first residential complex. However, my brother updated and started a new game at the same time, using the same race (LIS), same map (asteroid), same basic strategy, same platform (android), same tablet (Samsung S6), both local games without cloud sync. He isn't getting the bug.

I've tried building a lot of utilities including medical and it hasn't made a difference. I checked the population statistics, the lost individuals don't get counted as 'dead.'
A quick update. I had a second city started before I got the bug. I built it up to 31 pops with a residential complex and checked for the bug. It hasn't triggered for the new city yet.

It still triggers for my original city though, even after multiple normal payrolls for the new city.

i started this today on pc. no problem on food and water. now at colonist capacity of 189, anytime the number of colonist almost reach its capacity, it went down to below 10. also on population panel, the average health is flat at 0%. then i tried to build as many first aid station, and there's no change. last time it went down from 160s to 4

did i miss something? how many medical building does it needs?

I did a little test. It seems my population resets only when I have 100 or more colonists. 99 or less is fine.

I also tried with 100 colonists but only 99 housing. Still reset. It's linked to the actual colonist count.
Faced the same error. It's super annoying. Not a huge gamer (I just updated the game from 0.4ish to 0.99 and 1.0.0) but I can confirm that this is an issue. Once payroll hits the screen you are done.
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