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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0 - Page 7

O i also used another pc my chrome book and chrome on android no difference.
I really hope my colony does not die but look at these post after you did the 1.1.0 update its not just me .
About 1 out if 5 citys wont have the bug i use the same set up every city.

You know how to activate the productivity layer?

On pc, right click on the layer icon, and select the productivity, green is for building with +-100% (full worker), red for 0% (no worker).

Try to stay in this layer for at least 2 minuts, and try to see if the healthcare building are green all the time.

You can post one screenshot with normal view, so we can see the house, healthcare building, ecc, end an other one using the productivity layer? without moving the view, of course.

Now, for avoid problem, we need to have a jobs slot inferior to the total population.
yes have you read through all these reports ?
EVERY stat 100 pecent spamed health care centers and if you read through YOU would see many OTHER report teh very same thing .
BUT hey no matter lets PRETEND bast wants the game to kill of half the colonists every payroll In a new colony that ONLY has the gray 1 sick colonists health center .
LOL lord a NEW COLONY only has access to that ONE gray health center that HOLDS ONE sick colonists and it can TAKE hours to even get the small white health center and a colony that new can EASLY have 900 colonists .
So lets pretend EVEN you have started a bran new colony it has LITTLE research yet only has access to THE gray One sick colonists health center and the dome park and internet cafe as it takes a wile to build up mean wile every 5 mints 900 Colonists just up and die ,
so thats the way this new UPDATE works .
LORD almighty a NEW colony does NOT have access to health care NORE edcuation NORE rec except very very basic and it can take HOURS to get enough research to buy the tech and HOURS more to get all the correct resources .
YOU do relize EVERY health center BUT the gray one take CIV points and EVERY ONE BUT the small white health center take CHIPS .
SO mean wile you just dont have any colonists ???
LOL go it amazes me no one seams to relize a NEW colony has NO access to this STUFF and it can take HOURS to get access .

so here we have a update that means NO NEW colony can maintain a steady COLONISTS population .
Even bast keeps asking if people have health care buildings and he programmed the game he KNOWS a new colony will NOT have the resources NORE research to have ANY health BUILDING but the small ONE sick colonists gray one Has NO edcuation BUILDING except the internet care HAS NO rec except the internet cafe and domed park .
Now tell me just HOW a new colony can keep a steady POPULATION if they all die off because of health centers which YOU HAVE NO access to ?
Or should we just spam a 100 gray health centers in the hopes they can manage a 900 colonists population ?
20 domes parks and 20 internet cafs ??? really so lets just fill teh map one for EACH colonists maybe then they wont die untill we get research and tech and the Correct RESOURCES such as say chips which take hours and hours at teh start .
yep defintly the player first thing to build in a BRAN new city health center never mind the Fact you dont have any lol
at this point I am done with posting he may keep a few players but now way ANY new player will spend a month trying to figer out why colonists just up and die every payroll and of corse the player who dont get the isssue it just dont matteras to the rest we just dont know how to play right say like a NEW player wont .as for the rest of use well whats losing 20,000 40,000 players one way or another .
as long as it still works for a few guys alls good and heck who cares if new player delete the game because they can never gain colonists because after all the mint they run the game they already know how to play as good as you .
I never went to Bussiness school in collage but I am fairly sure in order to keep making money a game bussiness needs to keep getting new players
But seeing as the game has become YOU have to know these detail in order to even Start playing
and well ovesly the new players just Dont know HOW to play a game in which they then delete and are the people who have the money to spend yep great bussiness model .
after all i keep getting is I dont know how to play must be i am doing it wrong me along with 100000 other players I am NOT a new player but there are 100000 who are and a 100000 who will just delete the game because they just dont know and cant figer out how to keep colonists from dieing .
After all i am NOT new been playing two years and NO matter what I try it just keeps happing i cant immange how someone who really is new will ever play long enough to figer this new update out .
anyway hopefully bast will relize this needs to be changed other wise in 6 months the game will be dead except for you few how just never get this bug or found a work around .
as for me well ill miss the game really i will but it is UNPLAYABLE ! and of corse its because after playing two years I just dont know how must be that .
never mind new players who needs them .
ps once you update antiqvitas with this engine that game will die as well .
i'm now on 1.1.

testing immigration rush. my theory is that very quick immigration (200+ pads) at small/young colonies should support decreasing health and absence of workers. they just come and come, independently of enormous deaths etc.

i tested this theory at my Freyja colony, despte this is huge colony, i successfully passed death wave and working jumps. however, i really increased immigration with the help of 1k+ stargates. but the mean health was 20-40%. also temporary increase of medical and teacher wages up to 100$ (other jobs 10-20$) helps a little.

at little/young colonies i also build really a lot of medical buildings. up to 50-60% of population.
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@colbya I have played the new patches on all of my old maps and have created multiple new ones, way beyond 100 colonists, region and single map, and have still not experienced the issue first hand for myself. I have asked you before in this thread to please send me a map where this is happening so I can actually debug it.

I know obviously that the issue is happening, due to the large number of reports. But for some reason it has not happened to me. I do not know why. Perhaps I am somehow playing different subconsciously since I know how the engine works, idk. But this is extremely hard to fix when I can't get hands-on with a broken map. Is it an engine setting? I do not know yet.

Please anybody who is having this issue, send the map to so I can observe it. I tried a patch with v1.1, but it was a blind attempt to fix based solely on what people have posted in the forum, as I have still yet to observe this issue for myself, other than the video somebody posted.
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bastecklein said:I know obviously that the issue is happening, due to the large number of reports.

You can differential the reports by platform? Because on pc i never found out this problem, maybe is relative to the mobile (android).

In any case.. most of the report will be false positive, since many player don't know how to handle the 1.0.0 change. Just read the forum, several player will ignore most if not all 1.0.0 change (like the birth), they just see the new building added.
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