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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0 - Page 9

#81 2020-01-08 16:09:17
@Ansom After looking at the code, the Hospital is not showing up blue because there are no patients in it. This is a little "bug" to save on CPU performance so that the engine does not have to look up the game def for each building while rendering the overlay. I think nobody is in the hospital because all of the houses are so small that their "needed medical" rating averages out to 0, and since the whole colony is rated at needing no medical, it is just giving you a 50%.

I am making changes to this so it should get better, but I have reduced the importance of medical on populations under 250 in order to make it not so brutal for new cities.
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#82 2020-01-08 16:10:06
I should say, just let your city run on the beta after a hard-reload for a few minutes and see if anything changes. Also, what is your current population on that map?
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#83 2020-01-08 16:10:38
unrelated, I seem to have a problem with pagination on the forum :-/
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#84 2020-01-08 16:33:09
bastecklein said:
From the title screen, you just open the options menu -> Game Data -> Backup and find the filename. The naming convention is region name - city name.mcz

I guess it wont work right if its an online game. I really need a way to export region maps properly, really for sending me a file, you can only do it with single city maps.

Maybe you can give me more info on the bug? What else is going on in this map? I know that my medical stuff is currently working on Beta without issue. Can you open the dev console (ctrl+shift+i) and see if there are any errors being reported? I was hoping to get this update released today so that I can finally be done futzing with the medical/health stuff and finally move on to some real updates.

I don't see the city in the backup data, Just the region file.

I agreed, and the other utility work like should be.

8 / 6 pop for house, 5% heal slot, Is 0,4-0,3 slot for house.

PS. Pls add big, insane.. entertainment Building. :)
#85 2020-01-08 16:35:14
bastecklein said:unrelated, I seem to have a problem with pagination on the forum :-/

Only when new Page are generated.
#86 2020-01-08 16:40:48
@Ansom there is one new entertainment building, the Large Stadium, I would not call it big or insane but it is better!
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#87 2020-01-08 17:09:55
Dear Bast,

1. Thank you for the new planned entertainment building. Right now, amongst the 3 services, we need to dedicate the most tiles for entertainment service due to being limited to Big Playhouse or Medium Stadium (or ironically, Hall of Congress, which provides the most entertainment slot per tile).

2. In addition, would you consider setting the building range of each of the 3 services to be the equal to each other? Right now, as per your post, entertainment/medical/education buildings each have 3 separate ranges.

3. Also, would we eventually have a larger upgrade to Transcendent Academy? The University might be the most efficient education building especially with its buff in 1.2.0 beta, but I found out that Research Converter workers will still require Transcendent Academy spam instead, as Converter requires 155 IQ while University provides a max of 140 IQ. Trying to provide Universities for Converter workers will yield very low worker ratings in all Converters. Is this intended as a way to curb the power of Converters?
#88 2020-01-08 19:47:41
bastecklein said:I should say, just let your city run on the beta after a hard-reload for a few minutes and see if anything changes. Also, what is your current population on that map?

One city seems fine. All healthcare building now have patient.

The other city with heal problem seems also fine.

you have increase the % min heal?

998 pop, 150 patient, seems 15%, not the old 5%.
#89 2020-01-08 19:50:12
@Ansom When you have a lot of small housing units, it skews the number a bit. If a house has only 7 people, one person might need medical, which 1/7 is about 14%.
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#90 2020-01-08 21:30:31
Ok, and if a house has only 3 people, is 33%. Because each house have minimum 1 integer people in the hospital, we can't just send a foot or some fingers.

Seems honest
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