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bast there are 7.5 billion people in the world .

by now your probly angry with me i am sure .
this update has come down to its because I dont know how to play so lets go with I dont know how to play .
well my colony has over a million downloads Not bad thing is there are 7.5 billion MORE people who just have not discovered the game . EVERY new person right this very mint a NEW player is downloading my colony that person like you say about me Just dont know how to play .
so with this new update which I have been playing for the last two week and no matter what i try cant seam to stop the colonists from all just dieing .
SO now immange i am really a NEW player I just downloaded the game yea looks cool .
ok so I start a city HUmm mine ore ok nice that helps ok build bot factory great need power cool got it thanks .
so i am off and running my very first colony is now hitting 500 colonists way cool look at them bots running around .
opps 500 colonists just disapired ?? what hu ?? ok so i see they are reariving and just keep going 5 mints later 500 colonists are just going . O another advice a healh care center OOO cool so I place on a GRAY on its all I see on my build bar .Remember no matter how many times I have told you I have health centers and it still happens so maybe just one isnt enough how about ten ? or 20 ? remember im new only have the gray building and only placed one thinking one was what you ment with the pop up box .
next payroll 500 colonists are going ??? what now what // i put a health center why are they dieing they have food they have water and a health center well I just dont know after all i am a new player who never even heard of my colony .
next payroll 500 going next payroll 500 going finly I just say heck with it deleted Be sure to remember I am new and DONT know why or how to play my colony and colonists just keep dieing and there is NO little box popping up telling me why after all i did place one health center when that box popped up .
THIS is every new player from now untill forever remember we are new and dont know how to play every single last 7.5 billion of us .
Be mad at me and if you want keep this update and lose the other 7.5 billion NEW players who just dont know and being mad at me wont help stop the lose of my colony being the back bone of your programs .
Im new and doing it wrong but nothing I try stops it .
This is really what you want ever NEW player to see first time playing ?
NEW players are the MOST important players they are your future costumers .
saying its because i dont know how to play is saying EVERY single last new person dont know ether .

I get the general gist of what your saying and the aggravation but could you if possible please go through your post and correct the spelling and grammar? The steps you posted can help reproduce the errors but following it is a little hard.
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@colbya I have asked you in another thread to please send me a map with the dying colonist issue and have yet to receive one. I understand the frustration though. I have tried reproducing this issue and have created several new maps and I still have not experienced half of my colony dying.

Now, maybe this is because I know how the game works and I am playing it the "right way," I don't know. But this would be a whole lot easier to fix if somebody could send me a map where the population is dying off. I put out the 1.1 patch, but that was a blind fix as I have still not been able to personally observe the glitch and debug it.
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