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On regards to the new birth system

Hi, so I was wondering if it is possible to have the birth rate in the colony reduce dramatically after the housing cap is reached. I just find it a bit unrealistic that even though the colony is completely full people just keep giving birth...

I understand that with ageing and death now the births are needed to sustain the population, but it also is starting to bug me that every time i try to expand my colony I need to find a way to first house all the excess babies before having actual workers move in

I was thinking that you can have it so that the minor population doesn’t fully count as 1 person (the children live with the parents, taking up 0 space), or maybe to reduce the birth rate add “family planning clinics” that reduce overall births by a certain % in the colony.

Also, I still haven't unlocked independence or the higher tiered government things, so if there are government policies that can help fix this issue, please do tell me. Or maybe just spamming cloning facilities will outpace the infants moving in? I don’t know...
There is supposed to be a "deportation" option. I have never been able to find it (or progressed enough to unlock it).

I have found out that once you get a population of just over 10k adults, if you let 2k be homeless, the births slow way down. Case in point: currently I have a colony with 29k total pop. 10.2k are adults, the rest are children. I only have 25k houses, meaning around 4k homeless. Since I had the 2k homeless (back at 27k), it has taken around 25 yrs. (simulation time) to add the next 2k. It took me around 6 yrs. (simulation time) to get 17k kids. So, yeah, dramatically less births. I'm not building anymore housing. One day I will, just no time soon.
deport opption is going along with alot of other functions that were based on the engine no longer doing colonists .In that way this new update really took much more then it gave .
So the release notes are wrong (Dev specifically said he put in deportation of kids to make it easier on us with large colonies). Thank you. Maybe Dev will put it back in, or come up with alternative to it.
The deport option is still here, now we have 3 option:

deport "n" colonist
deport baby
deport retired colonist

for the deport option, you need to have hall of congress or similar.
My Ether Draconians are reproducing out of control...
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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