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Hello guys!

When we looking at other civilizations, they have their own special branch of technology.
League of Independent States has cyber stealth technology,
Zolarg has Antaura power,
Alpha Draconians has excellent full-auto robotics.
And... looks like United Earth hasn’t get their own exclusive technology, which makes them technologically ordinary.

So in this series of ideas. Let’s step into United Earth’s secret labs...
Will United Earth ever get their own exclusive technology, and stands out from others?

In this series:
  • Introducing United Earth their own special technology!
  • New branch of the Tech Tree!
  • New Buildings! (of course)
  • With a UE’s exclusive resource!

You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This. Is. Too. Cool! You're actually sooo creative! Can't wait to hear from this in the future. Keep it coming!
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GeneralWadaling thank you for your work. It is evidently plan devised with a lot of work. I saute to you!

Saying all that I, complete newbie, would rather ask for not developing United Earth as an evil empire. It may have been in the past - and forcing League of Independent States to secede if I understand lore correctly - but I like to think that those times are over, as they are a closed period in U.E. history. You see, Restoria, L.I.S. in its nucleus, just agreed to pledge allegiance to the Commonwealth of Bait, of rather U.E. ancestry ;)
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