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What is wrong with Federations?

In the past week I've seen several people writing about how they want to fight / combat the FFF or Federations in general. I've asked them to clarify this, but they haven't responded. That's why I'm opening this thread to have a healthy debate on the subject.

I don't understand why anyone would be against Federations. All they do is provide a community to enhance game experience by offering communication, help, discussion about MC and other stuff, information, trades, basically everything you need and could desire for this game.

Ofcourse it's possible you aren't interested in all of this, I have invited several people over the time the FFF exists and some have turned down the invitation. And I respect that.

But that's different from actually being against the FFF and or Federations. So speak up and share your thoughts on this matter. I'm really interested to hear about it.

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I have also wondered about this and while I may not be an FFF member I found it weird. As far as I know there are no plans for intergalactic war in My Colony.
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Violence will never be a part of the game. We can execute colonists, but that's about it. So no, no intergalactic wars coming.
Well Its human a little thing called being jellis .
You just don't realize how big what you guys have even compared to second place .
No one has to acutely join to know you guys have built something huge .
The can see it and want it and are to lazy to put the work in to get it .
So in frustration they are tring to get thous of like mind but will never get to your lvs heck wont get to my leave and i don,t have a lv lol .
I avoid subs but they sure dont avoid me ill be glad when privet is put back lol .
Ps I look at that 6 million colonists colony and think man i want that .
I open my 78 k colony and think my god it would take months lol .
don't want it that bad hu ?
same thing . I just know my limit (( 78 100 k lol )
so am ok with that they are not .
Ps wish they would post photos of it though .
Well, I guess some people open up the commonwealth section of this forum, and your federation is, lets put it this way, quite well represented. I don't feel that way, and essentailly the subforum is there to advertise your commonwealth, or in your case your federation. But people might get the impression that your spamming (also the capitalized letters are not helping that).
Also, as you said, some people just don't want to be part of a federation, and grow their own commonwealth. Those people might see you as their competitor, although this doesnt really make sense looking at how many people joined under me without any advertising whatsoever, plus I see people actually complaing about how many people are joining under them with the private toggle gone.
Their aggressive attidude is, as colbya said, probably due to jealousy, or they might just think it makes them cool, in a 'hey look, im this badass outcast guy, and you can join under my charter and be equaly great!' sorta way.
I think, even though its not my kinda thing, that the whole federation stuff is a great idea, and you should be proud of what your doing, the effort your all putting into it :-)
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I like your comments, I appreciate that you explained it from your point of view. and I can understand how they feel. But I would like to hear someone who is so aggressive against the FFF.
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Thanks everyone for responding.
Yes we are big, but mostly it's been a natural process. Very gradually. We started in January! I am proud of what we have made no matter what others might think about it. And I'm fine with banter, busting balls, competion etc. Just like to have things clear. If people have something against us, for whatever reason, speak up your mind. Share your thoughts and arguments. Same if you just want healthy competition. I'm interested in arguments, reasons.

I don't expect everyone to join the FFF and I applaud any endeavor of starting new federations /Commonwealth's eventhough I know their chance of succes is very small. And not just because the FFF is so big.
But because they don't offer anything different from us. And they don't put in the work we have put into it. I don't want to discourage anyone, I'm not interested in Monopoly. But if you are going against us, think about it and do your best to be successful about it. Just saying you're against us or want to be our nemesis isn't going to cut it and get people on your side. Come with a game plan.
Besides that, the FFF always worked together with the leaders other Federations to set up common rules of memberships.
It's a friendly side-by-side. No Federation poaches from each other and even FFF members are talking in other Federations Discords and vice versa.

There is no war at all.

It depends on everyone itself if one wants to be part of an established community in one of the current Federations or if one want to start a new thing without any members at first.
Keep in mind, that if there's a new Federation and you get a member in there, it can be quiet boring for the new member. The member should have a reason to stay. That is difficult if there's no user base. Hen and Egg problem.

So before starting a new memberless Federation, because you don't want to be part of the FFF, consider joining one of the other Federations.
I think the main reason is becuase a few of us just want role play. It's not that we want to just tear down the federation. More like we want to see if we can surpass it. All the while we create a story that there is conflict.
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Chill guys, it was mostly just a joke, on my part at least, because at that time the commonwealth area was almost entirely fff posts.

I figured I could attract a few other edgy-lone-wolf-bad-operators-mother-flippers to my commonwealth or to a new smaller federation where I could have more influence in its direction compared to the well established fff.

Lastly I figured if federations are going to be a thing, they will be improved by healthy competition which isn't really happening right now, what is the point of joining a federation if their is only one real choice, it's like having the right to vote but their being only one political party.

P.s join the New Resistance, resisting the New Resistance is FUTILE.
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