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New EXTREME economy system

ps. the extreme is just a clic bait, and yes i have start the topic with a ps.

follow this topic:

Gifts limits

For avoid destroying new map, gifts new cap:

  • Gifts limits should be the lowerst between 2 player, if player A can send max 3k, should also receive max 3k
  • Storage cap: gifts limits should be read the storage cap.

New trade for player

(see the topic linked above)

in addition, i was thinking the possibility to filter the offer selecting a specific chanter code.

and now, the new economy system:


In this days the GBT don't work very well, the market is saturated with autosell offer, most player don't even have the possibility to sell, because the offer won't be visible.

The autotrade have other little problem, seems don't work very well if the resources is overcap storage.

In the last day, the number of offer in the GBT are going to the sky, aren't under control anymore. i have something like 7-8k trade, coco 16k... the possibility to sell something is very low, specially for little player.

I have even noticed a very extremely fluctuating base resources values, and they change/reset if i open the League Trade Authority.

Now we have a situation similar to the colonists until 0.99, many many individual offer, too many for handle correctly.

I was thinking in a system similar for the autotrade, a new central system, no more 500/100M infinite trade.

When the autoseller sell something, will put the resources in a big new silos, when a player try to buy something, should see a windows like the normal import windows, resources can be seller in order of arrival at the warehouse.

Maybe later i will do a flow chart, if I couldn't explain myself.

You're right about the gift cap, the limit should be the lowest cap of the two colonies involved, no matter who is sending and who is receiving. This may be hard to receive help in some cases but after all that's how the game is designed to be, and even without help it's possible to progress at a decent pace (most of us went that way).
Players receiving high amounts of gifts during the early game will be used to getting everything fast and won't have the patience to go through the very end game, nor have the patience to continue playing after they are done and after the gifts they could receive are useless.

As for the autotrade system, we can see it's not efficient. There is absolutely no demand for the trades it posts as nearly all contracts get back (it would be great to have a stat about this). It's a not ending loop, players have too much alien artifact, it autotrades, it doesn't sell, they get more alien artifact, it autotrades etc.

I'm going further on that idea: it would be that the surplus of resource production goes into a resource poll and is used when a player buys through the stargate/mass driver/space elevator "import" button. Note that there is no sell price when the autotrade puts resources in the resource poll. It is sold at a price determined by the game, a price that should decrease when nobody buys (normal behaviour of the bid-ask principle).
When activating this feature the player will have their resources sold but risk selling them at a lower price than on the GBT, but players would be able to arbitrage between the resource poll price and the GBT, which should make both prices quite similar in the end.

In conclusion
  • The idea is to reserve gifts for emergency purposes, like in case of a famine/power shortage, not for the sake of lazyness.
  • That means longer playtime for new players, which would mean a longer playtime overall.
  • GBT not flooded by useless trades that will never be bought.
  • Less gifts & no unlimited resources thanks to stargate/star ports -> more usage of the GBT/import through the resource poll -> more trades and the market price finally compensates itself and reflects the real value of the resources, why not allowing for balancing changes accordingly.
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For the 1.0.0 beta, i have made a offline colony, and got full developed in 2-3 day, without any gifts. Of course lower taxes have help a little bit, but the possibility to buy from other player should compensate.

With the "infinite resources gifts poll" out the way, player should have more interests to use the market for buy/sell, restating the resources economy.

The basic concept, is to remove the autoseller offer from the classic GBT, and use a new container, with the classic import system, so.. i will able to buy 1m ore, or 10m, or 33m.
I see where you are coming from, but not all of us enjoy the grind like some diehard fans do. Capping the gifting system is like putting a limit of people's freedom. They have the freedom to go ahead and give colonies what they want, if they choose so. You plan is more of a hard-line policy than a plan. I suggest this- instead of capping anything, asking for resourses should be off-limits in the global feed. Only ask in your commonwealth, or through direct Personal Messages. And begging and pleading wont get you anywhere either. Tl;dr, Capping buries freedom, but limiting where you can ask is a better option. And maybe this will bring up PM floods? Idk. I'll think of a better solution soon. As always, Catch ya later.
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I'm not talking to capping the gifts at 1k resources.

In a offline world i was able to unlock everything (until ship tech) in 3-4day, without outside gifts, and i was testing new game mechanics for most of the time.

With infinite resources i have unlock everything (nano included) in.. 5-6h game play.

The new limits won't change anything for colony already developed, because they will already have 1B/500M limits, and storage above this number.

New players should't have access to infinite resources, is extremely deleterious.

The multiplayer game have the possibility to have a very nice economy system, to bad is completely ruin with the free unlimited gifts.
I agree with these ideas, but, the fact is, insectoids and reptillians don't have a higher gift cap, so maybe we could even the gift caps out, and then put more restrictions in place. Also, we could put tags onto colonies, which are based upon size or research, and colonies with the same tag can gift to each other, but in an emergency, any colony size (or up to a point) can gift to that colony.
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