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Resources that will be in MC2? (Suggestion)

Hello guys.

As a new game, I hope the game won't have too much resource types as in MC1.
Here I am suggesting some resources.

Resources that are available and used in all scenarios and maps.
  • Steel (s)
    Processed metals that are ready for construction and industry use.
  • Food (f)
    Nobody can work without a full stomach.
  • Water (w)
    Don't get dehydrated!
  • Oxygen (oxy)
    Oxygen Included.
  • Fuel (fu)
    You'll need them for powering shuttles and rockets between the colony and the Earth. Also required in some high tier manufacturing.
  • Ore (o)
    Unprocessed, generic basic minerals. Used in construction for making concrete, or more commonly, as industrial raw ingredients.
  • Composites (c)
    Advanced construction material.
  • Rare Earth Metals (rem)
    Not that rare actually but useful. Essential for creating electronics related products.
  • Microchips (m)
    Electronic components required for complexed devices alike.
  • Uranium (u)
    They are powerful fuels, but require better technologies to extract them.
  • Commodities (com)
    Goods that people would enjoy, ranging from arts and fashion, to gadgets and rum.
  • Trash (t)
    Wastes. Pose sanitation threats when accumulated.

Exotic resources
There are resources that they are only available on some maps.
  • Regolith (re)
    Soil with a wide variety of minerals, common on moons and asteroids. Unusable in this state, it must be processed before use.
    It contains the precious Helium-3 that are hard to find on Earth.
  • Helium-3 (he)
    A ‘rare’ gas (rare on Earth) that are fuels for nuclear fusion engines.
  • Crystalline (cr)
    These exotic crystals are valuable in the way not just the beauty, but also as superior material. Just hopefully not something terrible as Tiberium.
  • Alien Artifacts (ar)
    They are proofs of civilization existence long long ago. Have a very high research value.

  • Research (r)
    Knowledge is power!
  • Money ($)
    The major currency used between your colony and the Earth, for ordering supplies or buy extra shuttle quotas.

May not be so important, but ideas to share.
  • Weapons (w)
    They are needed for protecting your own colony from raiders.
    Maybe a story campaign/scenario only resource.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Dark matter?
That’s a good list you have there. Here are my thoughts:

Each planet should also have its own unique resource, but, that resource shouldn’t be vital to colony’s on other planets to progress. However, each of these planet-specific resources should give you a unique advantage over colonies on other planets.

For example, ether can only be collected from abandoned worlds in mc1, but any colony that collects it or buys it will be able to produce a lot of wood because they can build adv. tree farms, and yet it isn’t a required resource. So if we make a 3D abandoned world with ether, which would be awesome, ether should still be used to bring unique advantages to the user instead of being a required material to progress through the game.

Here are some examples of planet based resources:

Mars: rust - rust contains iron and oxygen. It’s also what makes mars’ soil look red. It could be used to make buildings that produce far more ore, oxygen, steel, and atmosphere than a player normally would be able to produce. You just have to extract it from the soil somehow.

Moon: Titanium - a very strong a flexible material. This resource could be used to build better defensive structures than normally would be possible.

Asteroid: iridium- highly heat resistant, this metal is often found in asteroids. It can be used to make better rare metal and complex material smelters. It could also be used to make thermal power plants if heat is going to be a factor in mc2.

Waterworld: sand/glass/salt - the most abundant resource on the planet, salt can unlock better food buildings. Sand, on the other hand can be smelted with ore into glass, which would unlock better microchip and commodity factories, it would also unlock more compact housing And utilities to help with the space challenges.

Forest: animals- native species of the forest planet. There are lot’s of uses for them, such as zoo’s for entertainment, livestock farms fir food, animal racing For entertainment and money, pet stores for money and happiness boost per colonist, and you could even use them as mounts, hunters, and defenders in combat.

Abandoned: ether - healing yet radioactive.l, this resource unlocks better organic resource production buildings as well as some unique entertainment buildings.

Ice: permafrost - a fictional material that eternally absorbs heat and emits light. It can be used in decorative lights and in buildings that need to produce light or absorb heat. For example: Any solar panels placed within a certain radius from a permafrost Shining tower will produce light, since ice world is dark. The permafrost shining tower needs heat to continue to work though, so a regolith burner could be added for basic heat and power, and crystalline can be gathered to make micromines like normal. You could also create units that deal cold damage to slow enemies with this resource.

Lava world: - ember shards/ obsidian - ember is a fictional resource that rapidly generates heat when either light or electricity is applied to it. It’s likely the cause for lava worlds superheated atmosphere. They say that ember is forged within the strongest of supernovas and is a death sentence to any planet it happens to land on. Therefore, it’s a useful heat source and can be used to make units that deal fire damage, which lower their defense. Ember can also unlock siuperior heat generation building in colonies that need more heat than usual. Obsidian on the other hand, should just be another resource only available on lava world, and should be used to make lava-proof buildings,

These are just examples, I’ll post a list of planets That’ll eventually and each of those planets will have more detailed ideas.
New resource idea: Bacteria

A mid-game resource, Bacteria is actually the simplest single-celled organism alive, produced in mass amounts by our scientists. It's not a construction material or vital resource, but it is used to do a lot of things. Because it's so simple (and prone to mutations), it can be genetically modified to grow into food, genetically modified to eat garbage and clean the planet, or genetically modified to produce medicine compounds as a by-product of metabolism. Point is, it can be genetically modified for a lot of useful purposes. It is stored in Bacteria Tanks or Quantum Bacteria Tanks, which require constant inspection maintenance in order to keep the bacteria from mutating the wrong way and eating/destroying the tanks and then the world. If the tanks spill, however, the bacteria can mutate and cause massive crowd diseases in your population, so even if your colony has a population of a billion and has a GDP of over a quadrillion, you'll still have to keep an eye on your bacteria tanks and repair them from time to time. Sorry if my writing is hard to understand or is of poor quality, but these are just my thoughts.
Living the Spamlandian Dream
I like the idea of adding a unique resource for each type of planet, but what about this as an option.

Each type of planet has 1 resource that is exceptionally abundant, such as rust or iron on a mars type planet. But then also have a building that can convert that unique resource to other types. Maybe giving you the option to choose what you convert to, such as a building that converts iron to steel or to ore. That way if you are mid game and short on a primary resource, you can convert your local abundant resource to something that you lack.
How about the ability to excavate, make weapons and ammo with, or for other purposes, use gunpowder/sulfer. Sulfur could be in a volcanic or geyser biome.

Maybe you can also implement different types of illnesses and medicines to heal them or reduce their negative effects such as opium and other common medicines. (Addictions possibly?)

Maybe there can also be types of insects and/or animal resources again such as fur, wool, bone, meat, and for insects there can be termite mud, chitin, poisons, and insects could even become pets or food sources. Obviously different insects would live in different areas. Which also makes me think there could be different kinds of wood too. And this would be for early game probably. Maybe you can make a more primitive civ too.

Sand. For glass which can be made into decor for sale, panes for construction, bottles for alcohol, and used as water storage maybe. Actually, water could be stored in bottles so that those bottles may be stored where water usually can't be, just a thought.

Granite, obsidion, and marble for sale or decorative construction or maybe obsidian could make weapons for the primitive civ

More agricultural resources such as hay/chaff, and fertilizer for optional increased food production or building upgrades.

Bamboo for the primitive civ

Gears (and other mechanical parts) for mechanical buildings, drones (if you decide to keep them), and certain advanced resources

Tungsten for buildings or drones that need to withstand major heat

Cement for construction

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