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My Colony v0.46.0 Released - Page 2

Hmm... now I need to reconfigure again to make way for lights. Oh well.

The Zolarg lights are actually quite pretty especially those in ice worlds.
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No performance issues here on a base-sized but mature colony map w/ Windows 10.

And I appreciate the right amount of lazy it takes to implement most of a feature w/ minimal work.
Is it just me or are the colonists updated as well? When it's night time in my colony and I see colonists walking around, it seems that the top of their heads light up a little bit. It's not that noticeable though unlike the ones being emitted by the vehicles. IT'S SOOO FREAKIN' CUTE! I imagine colonists walking with lightbulbs on their space suits hahaah
I love the updates - made my new Ice world so much more playable. It literally went from very slow to a lot of fun overnight!

The new resource view for multiples is fantastic - I really like it.

Here's a couple of things I noticed playing after the update:
- the new lights do seem to slow down my large ice world. It feels more laggy and the resource poppers are slower now.
- the darkened view is pretty dark without lights. It's tough to make out aluminum roads in the new view.
Looks really nice but I can't use it on my mega map. Things slow down a lot. There is also an issue with large crystal farms which grind the game to almost a complete stop. I'll report that one as a bug.

I also can't leave night now on my Zolarg map (Win10). Tried all three engine lighting settings but stuck in night.
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Very nice update, shame it's not working well in my Win 10 App.
It randomly happens game freezes up with no particular evidence; for sure it happens when trying to set particle effects off in engine options. Other options settings are: colonists, text poppers, building animations, lighting effects = all off, day/night = always day. Turning lighting effects and day/night cycle on make the game to freeze as well.
Map speed and playability seem even better than previous versions.
My two cents in, thank you @bastecklein
sooo glad the private charter got added back in, as I'm sure other people are too. Thank you!!!

The night/day cycles are cool, with the ice maps being generally dark is quite interesting to watch.
Hi developer, this is very awesome. Will the buildings have lights on their own?
Hey um my colony is acting weird i wont have any civics or research produce even when they are working!
Koko said:Hi developer, this is very awesome. Will the buildings have lights on their own?

yes most will eventually have their own lights
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